Tuesday, November 05, 2019


I got a message yesterday, reminding me that my nephew Deon and two of his friends were coming up from Palmerston North on Thursday.

They will be on their way up to Auckland... and they are staying here on Thursday night.

And WHOOPS!  I packed up all the bedding from the spare bedrooms eh?

LOL... so today I'm heading back to the Storage unit to bring back the bedding.  LUCKILY I know exactly where the black sacks containing the bedding are, and it's going to be super easy to get it out again.

Thank goodness.

As I will be half way to Hamilton... I will continue on to there, and grab some groceries.
I'm STILL loving doing little grocery grabs instead of big, fortnightly shops.
It's just so damn easy, almost pleasurable.  

Never thought I'd ever say going to the supermarket was enjoyable!   CRAZY.

Or ... 4 weeks and 2 days.

But who's counting?  lol

I don't know who's more excited.  Me?  Or ME! 
I do believe Stew is rather looking forward to it too.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Pretty sure I've got enough of these for Sunday's market now.  Knowing my luck, I'll not sell any!

Right, I'm off to ... have no porridge.  We ran out dammit. 
Hence the trip to the supermarket.


12.25 pm:  Done the shopping.  Got the bedding.
Lacy is here... vacuming again!  She got me sewing room all tidy again.  

Brylee has put away washing.

I tried to take photos of them working.  Funny thing.  They both covered their faces!

At least the dogs can't do that.

It's a stinking hot day again.  We started out with a fog, which was lovely.  But now... sweltering.

I'm already feeling knackered.  Might have a lazy afternoon.

Yaa... got the cover off the pool, Lacy scooped it for me while I put the chlorine and buffer in it. It should be ready for swimming tomorrow.

I've just made a new 'dish' for dinner.  If it works out... I will show you tomorrow.
It's a variation of a recipe that popped up on Facebook, on the 'TASTY' page.
That page (Tasty) has dozens of really good recipes, and gives me ideas all the time.

ABOVE: There's a few sites that pop up if you type in TASTY... so just so you have the right one... that's it (above).

Sadly, I don't usually bother to try new things.  Mostly because I bloody hate cooking.  

Well... dinner was a massive success!  Stew loved it, which is the main thing to me.

Now it's wind down, chill out time.  Husband is fed, my job is done.  lol


  1. It shows how super organised you are when you can even remember where you put the "spare bedding" after all the things you have packed in super quick time (smiles)

    As for the smaller supermarket shops .. Isnt it amazing when you cut out doing super big meals for large family to just for 2 or 3 how you can do mini shops??
    Love it!!

    Raining here started half an hr ago,, after weeks of dryness so better go do the Happy dance along with 1000s of others
    Have a good day


  2. Damn, you are going to love being in that pool tomorrow if this heat keeps up :-).

  3. Anonymous5:14 PM

    and Murphy's Law now that we want to get in the pool.....watch the wether change over night...

  4. I like Tasty too and the recipes are usually fairly easy. Enjoy the pool!


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