Thursday, November 21, 2019


I'm a 'VIP' member of Spotlight, which gives me discounts and savings off lots of stuff there.  That's on top of their constant specials too.

Every now and then they give you a bonus and this is what I got in an email yesterday:

ABOVE:  Of course, you have to spend $100 to 'save' $40... so in effect you spend $60.  As I am a sucker for a saving... I will probably go in and spend the $60.  lol

My thistles are bugging me.  I love them so much:

ABOVE: this is what mine look like when they are 'blooming'.   So, I've decided to take the two that are in pots with me after all.  I will make damn sure they don't spread their seeds by cutting the flowers before they dry out and drop seeds.  Problem solved.  

DOGSTARS:  in answer to your question about the Beetroot Chutney and Onion Relish... I don't make them myself... I simply can't be arsed!  I buy them:

ABOVE:  The Onion Relish is to die for!

As for my breakfasts, I just have porridge with some added raisins.  Very nice and filling.

Today, well as I said, I'm going into Hamilton to spend some money... I don't really need to, but I can't pass up the specials and bonus discount.
I'm going to buy some more Christmas fabric as it's 50% off right now, so add that saving to the $40 off and I'm winning all the way out the door.

I have to wait till mid morning though, cos Lacy is popping in on her way over to Tauranga. So while I wait for her I might get some washing done, clean some floors bla bla bla. Housework never ends.


1.47 pm:  And I'm home from my little shopping trip.
Which went really, really well.

I got exactly what I wanted at Spotlight:

ABOVE:  They will be going into a box for next year of course.  But as they were half price, too good to miss out on right now.  *smiles*

After Spotlight I went into the city centre to look in this shop:

ABOVE:  The Christmas Heirloom Shop.  I must say I was quite disappointed this time.  I only saw ONE thing that took my eye, and it was kinda too expensive for me to contemplate buying.

ABOVE:  Really cute and I could see it at my 'new' front entrance area... but I left it there.
Stew would have a fit if I bought it!

I was actually looking for Christmas Lights, but after looking in several places (Spotlight, Christmas Shop, Mitre 10 and Bunnings), I gave up.   I saw what I wanted at Mitre 10, but they had sold out of them sadly.

I might go down to our local Mitre 10 tomorrow to see if they have any.  

But for now, I'm home, I'm starving and am going to get me some lunch.

9.30 pm: Whoops, forgot to update all afternoon!  Not much point really, I did nothing but a bit of washing and played with the dogs.

I didn't even cook dinner, we had left overs.

Now I'm watching Coronation Street, then going to bed.  


  1. That beetroot chutney looks like a New Zealand product. I will see if I can find either of those things here. I am intrigued!

  2. Maria8:15 AM

    Crackerjack has small pet cooling mats on sale 2 for $15. They are at the Base.

  3. Glad u decided to take ya thistle plants with ya.. As again it your back yard and who's going to know thier there.. 🤔🤔😊😊

  4. Kmart normally have Christmas lights 👌

  5. Chris we get the jams and lemon curd same brand , (now called Barkers in our supermarket ) as the beetroot chutney , will look out for that Bet its delish!!!

    When its on sale here, we stock up at $3.50 or $4 each .cos its a fave in this place as well..

    When we were back in september went to the lovely Barkers outlet shop in Geraldine and it was a bit dearer there,,,,, than we get in Aus,,, but still bought some chutneys for the rellies

    Good discount from spotlight. Always buy the Kiwiana materials when we come home on hols

    Enjoy the rest of the day


  6. I promised no xmas lights this year...didnt say nuffing about no birthday lights though after all a girl only turns 60 once

  7. I have bought a few Christmas decoration this year.... I would have a VERY hard time resisting that ferris wheel.... it would be miiiiiiiine. Christy xxxx

  8. Beetroot chutney is very easy to make.We use it as a vegetable substitute in the winter.Its not a specifically NZ chutney as i have a very old English recipe.Helen in France.

  9. Glad you decided to bring them. In your backyard and potted, pretty safe. Enjoy!


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