Sunday, November 03, 2019


When... like WHEN are 'they' going to ban private use of fireworks?

How many animals have to be scared half to death, or die from injuries caused by fireworks, before the powers that be ban them?

Last night, Coco was inside, safe in her bed until some idiots started letting off bangers near our home.

Next thing I know, Coco's scratching on our back door, in a part of the yard she's not normally able to access.

We open the door to let her in...

ABOVE: And there she is, sopping wet and covered in dirt!

She had dug her way under the fence and somehow gotten all wet, then found her way out of our property, then back in under our hedge ... to then beg to be let back in.

She was petrified.  So we had to lock her inside so she couldn't get out again.

Grrrr.  We will no doubt have to do this for the next week, if not longer.

Now, today.
First up, I'm going to do some more sewing.  It was so enjoyable getting some done yesterday.

Then at lunchtime we are going into Hamilton and picking up Keera, Rena and Lacy for the afternoon.
As it's going to be a lovely fine day, we shall have lunch at the mall, then head off to our new, favourite park.


2.45 pm:  Well!  I did some sewing this morning, then we went into Hamilton and picked up the girls.

Off to the mall for lunch, and I went to Spotlight and got some more Christmas fabrics (30%  off)... then we went to the park up the road from our new home.

ABOVE:  It was extremely HOT, so we didn't stay longer than an hour or so.
Came home, and now they are playing outside.

Sunblock is on, cos OMG it's hot out there!

ABOVE: Meanwhile, Kelly is taking advantage of having no kids... and is out on their motorbike for a ride. 

I'm now going to cut up more fabric for Wine Bottle Hats.

9.10 pm:  And I've spent most of the late afternoon sewing, and also an hour or so after dinner too.
Very happy with my results.  I'll show you tomorrow OK.

For now... it's time to wind down, relax and do nothing.  


  1. Oh, poor Coco! Glad she turned up safe and sound!

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Poor Coco, not watched carefully enough when distressing fireworks were going off. At least you didn't lock her in the garage which is what you do to punish them when they escape. No wonder that escape is what they do because is Coco actually a pet or just a breeding machine to make you money?

    1. Wow. That's right up there on the bitchy scale.

    2. Wow,, what a nasty comment.. Coco is a very much loved pet..

      I would rather go to a display and pay $20 a family and watch them, then spend countless $$ just to see it burn in my back yard..
      Even I keep my animals inside at this time of year..

      Nothing nice to say Go Away Annon

    3. Well arent you just a sad little cunt, anonymously commenting about something you clearly know nothing about. Coco hasn't had a little in over 5 years, so how could you define her as a breeding machine?

      Both of those dogs are loved and cared for, so who the fuck do you think you are to open your whorey fucken mouth, why dont you just keep you opinions to yourself if your only going to be a negative cunt. And I hope you realise that the garage is their room, it has their bed, food and water in it, so they are not locked in a garage as punishment, they are sent to their room, just like what people do to their children when they are naughty.

      So how about you just keep your pathetic and ill-informed comments to yourself from now, and save me the trouble of having to come on here and verbally spank you in such a public way. I mean you cant even say who you are, atleast give us your name and stop hiding like a little bitch.

    4. 👍😉 Awesome

    5. Anonymous5:28 PM

      yea what Steve said,and perfectly put as well
      Lacy Harvey from Hamilton NZ...Nz BTW
      no keyboard warrior hiding behind anonymous status here lol 😂

  3. I'm totally speechless Annon.are you h

    1. Thanks OLD MOO... sorry you are having issues with leaving comments. I know you had heaps more to say about Anon's horrid comment. But as you said, Steve said it all!

  4. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Onya Steve!

  5. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Go Steve best response ever betcha whoever the gutless person is they won't have the nuts to reply. The dogs are loved and cared for extremely well I know this for a fact. George's Mum.

  6. What happy, beautiful little girls

    1. Thank You, yes they are.

    2. This was my comment Chris, Maggie from Melbourne, I don’t know why my name isn’t showing.

  7. Oh dear - wow to that first comment and well said Steve. I'm so glad that Lacy and Keera get that fun time together. I hope she is enjoying her time now with Kelly and family :)

  8. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Well said Steve.
    Cant wait to see what you made today Chris.

  9. Wouldn't matter if they are illegal here people would still set them off. Rusty is terrified of fireworks and thunder/lightening.


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