Sunday, November 10, 2019


I've been watching the weather forecast like a hawk the past few days.

All week it's been RAIN RAIN RAIN for Saturday and Sunday.

Well, we had no rain yesterday at all.
And last night the forecast looked like this:

ABOVE:  Now we have sun/clouds AND rain forecast.  So I'm going to be super optimistic and hope it doesn't rain until the afternoon.

I really want to do this final market of the year.  Well, MY final one, cos I can't do the December one as we will be in the thick of moving/settling into the new house.

Right, I better drag myself outta bed and get a move on.  I am going to really enjoy this market, being 100% positive it will be a good one.


8.13 am: and the weather held till just now. Then the heavens opened. *sigh* 

Its Armistice Day too... so there will be a street parade of Army vehicles and so on. Hopefully the rain passes soon.

ABOVE: Army people  arriving.

1.05 pm:  Well after I took that photo of it raining, it lasted about an hour, then cleared up.
That didn't make the day go any better sadly.
First time? ... I've come home in the red!  I made ONE SALE, then spent it on something else.  lol

I'm not too bothered.  Shit happens.  And I now get two months off markets.  My next ones will be two in Cambridge, at the beginning and end of January.

By then we should have most stuff unpacked and put away in the new house.

ABOVE:  I bought a really cute little tray to use when ya have to 'take a plate'.  Will be nice for a little mixed platter.  And I got a book, cos now that I've done everything that needs doing here, I can sit back and relax till Monday the 2nd of December, when the movers arrive.

I'm freakin' hungry... time for lunch.

DOGSTARS:  Sorry babe, had a very quiet afternoon.  Was knackered.  Tried to have a nap but it didn't happen.  
I fed the birds outside a huge amount of Wild Seeds (for birds) that I found in the garage.
They loved it!

Stew and I deliberated about dinner, ended up going to the supermarket and getting supplies.
He is cooking it.
Chicken crumbed sausages, wedges with sour cream and a really lovely vege mix called Chuck Wagon Corn.  
Drooling thinking about it.

OK... Stew and I are just so bloody tired, we are off to bed very soon.  It's been weeks and weeks of work getting everything done towards our big move.  Time to finally, FINALLY sit back and relax for the next 3 weeks.

Well... by relax I mean just doing 'normal' housework of course. 


  1. Happy Sales to you!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I hope the rain passes and the parade brings a crowd out to buy your beautiful crafts. Kj

  3. Bugga about the lack of sales...
    I love that platter box/tray...great idea

  4. Where did you disappear to all day?

  5. Yup i only buy chuck wagon corn its the only mix veges i use yummy flavour to omelets and vege bakes etc

    1. We haven't been able to find ANY in the supermarkets here for MONTHS. It's just recently come back in a couple of Countdowns. We love it.

  6. Ugh that sucks! I've only a couple where I didn't make the booth fee but they are rough!


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