Sunday, December 01, 2019


Well ... this is it.  DECEMBER... OUR MOVING MONTH.

Today we finish packing EVERYTHING, ready for the movers tomorrow.

We have to pack our bags for the next 4 days while we are 'in transit'.... motels for 3 nights and the first day in our new home.

I have so much on my list today.

One thing got added to my 'TO DO' list yesterday afternoon that I wasn't expecting.

I've run out of pool chemicals, and the pool ...

Freakin' well looks like this!

And that is after I've had the pump on for hours and hours, and I've added the correct amount of chemicals.

So, I am going into Hamilton first thing this morning to grab more chemicals to BOMB THE SHIT OUTTA IT.

That will sort it out I hope.

The new owners of this home are coming over on Tuesday night for their Pre-settlement Inspection, and I want that pool to look beautiful.

So today:

- Bomb the pool.
- Do all of the last minute washing, get it dry and packed away.
-  Pack up all last minute things in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and bedrooms.
- Empty fridge/freezer in the garage and clean it.
- Finish cleaning windows.

And try not to stress out too much!

Cos I am.  I can't help it.

We are expecting Martyn and Jacqui to visit sometime after lunch today, so that will mean we will take a break for a little while.  Probably a good thing.  *smiles*

And well... that's it for now. 

Catch ya later.


Tick tock... tick tock... it's going like clockwork so far today.

We are powering through all the last packing... but I'm taking a quick break cos I'm already puffing!

And me thumb is throbbing.  

I am feeling confident the pool will be clear by the end of the day too.  I've shocked it with a mega load of chlorine and the pump in going to be on all day.  Let's see if that works eh?

Just had our first  OH SHIT moment!

Stew went to put the roof box on his car, and well... we couldn't find the keys to it!
We searched in the 2-3 places they SHOULD BE... but no.

So I was thinking the movers would have to take it with them. 

Then Stew had a SECOND look in his glovebox in the  BAG OF KEYS he had in there, and waa laah!  A roof box key.  Thank God.

Crisis over.

It's now time to stop for some lunch and a breather.

5.14 pm:  And it's been a good afternoon.  Our visitors arrived and spent a lovely hour with us.  Lacy came out and ate food and did a couple of jobs.
Now... we are almost completely done.

 ABOVE:  Almost done packing up the kitchen!

 ABOVE:  What's on the bench now is the last of it.  I just have to cook dinner, then pack everything up.  Probably 3 boxes to go.

We have packed our overnight bags, just have to add our toiletries in the morning and we will be good to go... to the motel.

ABOVE: This is a little fern I 'rescued' from a bin at the Rest Home.  It's doing well and will be coming to our new home in my car. 

I haven't nursed it along for 3 months to let it die now!

I think it's safe to say we are just a bit tired... so there won't be too much else happening tonight.

But... just in case, I won't say 'nite nite' right now.  *smiles*

Well keeping you up to date with photos might be a problem.  My phone is playing up and won't let me send photos to my email or anywhere else!   Grrrr. Hoping it's just a temporary phone glitch!

So, 98% packed!  And ready for bed and it's only 9 pm!  But I'm knackered.

So yeah, signing off for the day.

THIS WILL BE THE LAST SLEEP IN OUR CAMBRIDGE HOME!  I wonder if we will sleep well, or toss and turn all night???



  1. Debbie7:43 AM

    Good luck with the move! We're moving too - we get our keys tomorrow and will be moving stuff over Monday and Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing more of your new place!

    1. I hope you have a smooth move too then Chick! Isn't it so exciting! But exhausting ... both mentally and physically.

    2. Debbie7:49 AM

      Very exciting and yes very exhausting! All worth it in the end of course!

  2. I'm excited for your move! We will have lived in our new place for a year come January and we have only just had the time to do anything to it. I am loving decluttering and making it ours!

  3. Glad all is going tickety boo x

  4. I've started to get really excited now 😆

  5. Back to read the end of the day and I AM STILL EXCITED!

  6. Good luck with your move!

  7. Good luck with the move. Very exciting for you all. You are super organised.

  8. All the best for your move this week ... I can't believe the time has come around already - it only feels like a couple of weeks ago that you sold your house and bought your new house.

  9. What's the status of the pool? Did it blue up?

  10. Awww seems like you just moved there and now it's goodbye!!


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