Wednesday, August 01, 2018


Remember that large pile of clothes I had yesterday, the ones I was going to give away?

Yeah, well I was thinking about it and have decided to try selling them online.  Just on our local Buy, Sell and Exchange Facebook site.  I'm always giving stuff away, but thought, hell ... I could use the money!

Even if I put a super low price on things, it's still money in the bank ... my pocket.  There's a couple of dresses in that lot that cost me heaps and are hardly worn.  If I get $10 for them I'd be happy.

So that's what I will be doing this morning, photographing everything, then listing it.  If it doesn't sell, then I will just donate it away.

Other than that, I've got bugger all to do except HOUSEWORK. And who wants to do that?  *sigh*

I just checked the FBG Events page, and there's a walk on at 10 am... one I've done already this year, but I will do it again ... I need the exercise.  And the company is always good.


12.15 pm:   back from an awesome walk and coffee afterwards.  I HATE WALKING, but with company, it's bearable!

ABOVE: Today's walk photo, and for once... I don't feel like an elephant in the photo!    I almost look 'normal'!

I'm so happy.

Now that's I've cooled off... I've been re-assessing my 'old' clothes.

ABOVE:  I'm going to try altering the two long, fairly new dresses for myself, take three bags full to the Op shop and that leaves one bag that my friend Sharon can go through.
Sharon, I hope you can use some of it, but maybe not for your island holiday?

LUNCHTIME.... off to find food.

Whoops!  I've been a bit quiet all afternoon and evening haven't I?

Well that's because I ain't been doing much, just chillin, making dinner, watching some TV. Bit lazy really.
I should be sewing, getting the latest line of coasters and placemats done.  Oh well... maybe tomorrow.

Time to sign off, it's getting late and I'm tired. 


  1. When I lost my weight I adjusted lots of my clothes - you'll be amazed how re-tailoring them will make more use of them. You are a clever sewer so if there is one or two items you particularly like then make them smaller!! It saves money until you need to buy smaller sizes.

    1. I did this too. Some I did. Some I had a seamstress do.

      Usually the fix was - two long, vertical darts in the back of dresses and jackets and dress shirts. My shoulders are broad and changed very little. So this worked really well. I put the garments on inside-out and had her pin them.

    2. Basting is your friend. Very long stitches to see how things fit.

  2. Selling them is a good idea, giving away what you don't sell is a good idea too!

  3. good on u selling not giving your clothes away, I get so bored with my clothes even though have lots seem to stick to same old same old...when we last shifted I had a bag for the clothing bin then broke leg so it ended up moving with me u guessed it I am wearing the clothes again not put in bin gggggrr need a throw out

  4. What neat ideas to reuse those Clothes Lynda and Vickie had, the faves among them. I agree you are gr8 on the machine Chris and if you had the time etc would be a way of saving $$$$ for other things..

    Its good to sometimes do a revamp (says she who didnt do well at sewing at school )lol But hand sewing I still give it a go etc..

    Hope you have a gr8 walk and keep up the good work You are an inspiration to us all here atm


  5. Your weight loss is very evident in that photo. Go you!!!! And you look so happy which is just wonderful. Not smiley happy but an inner glow.

  6. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Hi I was wondering if the symptoms you had from your diabetes have now gone? do you feel much better ? you certainly look fab and seem to have plenty of energy.

    1. Yes, I no longer wake up and feel sick! I have heaps more energy and feel GREAT! Eliminating sugar and most carbs has made a HUGE difference to how I feel.

  7. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Greetings! I've been following your web site for some time
    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Texas!

    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  8. You can really tell you've lost weight in that walking photo!! That must give you great inspiration to keep going for sure.

  9. Oh Chris thanks so much I will endeavour to head over shortly we have just secured new contract working 10-12 hr days just get Saturdays off I'm flat out this Saturday but next Saturday 11th I'm free..... thanks so much xx

  10. You are looking good in the FBG walk picture. All your efforts are definitely paying off.

  11. Trish in NJ6:41 AM

    You look fantastic. There's a huge difference between today's picture and the last you posted. All I can really say is WOW! And I'm really glad you feel better.

  12. Wow you had a very busy day. Love the walk ladies, it would be fun to have a companion to walk with. You are look great! Keep up the good Work.

  13. I still wear some of the gorgeous clothes you sent my way years ago. Some of my favourite clothes I wear often.


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