Saturday, May 30, 2015


Today Gayle and Shane are coming for lunch, and of course, bringing Teddy too.
I can't wait to see them and Ted... it's been quite a while since we had them to visit.

I always love to see how he's doing, and having him visit his sister Coco.  Tallulah will be kept in the laundry I think, she's rather frisky and I don't think Teddy will enjoy seeing her somehow.

Apart from that, not much else is on the agenda today, except I will try and cajole the guys into moving the fridge/freezer for me.

And I plan on doing a little bit of sewing later on this afternoon.

Until later... have a nice day!


DOGSTARS:  He had to GET here first!

So... Teddy and his family arrived at lunchtime and we had just the most lovely visit with them all.
Gayle, Shane and Jenna arrived with Teddy and Peppa.  Peppa is one of Coco's daughters.

Gayle brought a really delicious sushi dish, just like sushi but not rolled in seaweed.  It was so nice I've asked her to email me the recipe.  We all loved it.

Now, on to photos:

ABOVE:  Jenna holding Peppa, with Teddy (L) and Coco.

 ABOVE: Gayle with Teddy and Coco.

 ABOVE:  Coco was delighted to see Teddy and Peppa, and wanted to play SO MUCH!  But Peppa wasn't having a bar of it.  She didn't like her mother much at all.
Peppa only really likes her humans, lol.

ABOVE:  Tallulah was let in after a while and she drove Peppa nuts trying to play.  Peppa decided the top of the chair was the safest place away from her.

 ABOVE:  The 'dining room' got plenty of use.  And Dante got to play trains with Shane.  I'm sure Shane really LOVED THAT!  *SMILES*

 ABOVE:  Tallulah trying to get at Peppa...

ABOVE:  ALMOST got her!!!  Wow, Tallulah can jump high!

ABOVE:  Stew with three dogs, Coco and Tallulah, and Teddy in the prime position.  He loved coming to visit!

When they were leaving I put Coco and Tallulah in bed... and just to see what would happen, I pointed at the hallway door and told Teddy to 'Go to Bed'... and his tail dropped and he took off for bed!

It was so cute, and amazing that he remembered where 'bed' was... and was gunna go there!

I felt awful cos he really did want to go home with his family.  When I called him back he was all happy and excited to be leaving again.  Which was nice too.  I know just how happy he is with Shane and Gayle.

Gayle lives in fear we will want him back, but I keep assuring her that's he's with them for life now, with us just wanting some contact from time to time.  

Now they have left, and the guys have moved the big double fridge/freezer for me.  So, it's quiet time here for a while.

End of Day:  got caught up watching some disaster movie on TV tonight... Poseidon ... and I'm not liking it at all.  Lots of under water scary bits and I can't hold my breath long enough!  Anyone else do that?
Anyway, hopefully it's nearly finished, then I shall go to bed.
nite nite


  1. Give Teddy a cuddle for me, you know I always had a soft spot for him

  2. Where are the pictures of Teddy?

  3. Loved the pictures of Dante and Archer and then cute puppy pics too!!!!

  4. It is so cool you get to see Teddy sometimes still :-)

  5. HAHA! It must be the time change. Sometimes I don't get a days updates until the next day or something.... I was just excited to see Teddy. I can't believe you got that airborne shot of Tallulah! Hilarious!

  6. Oh how awesome Teddy came to visit. You are so lucky to have him nearby.

  7. I have my sister in law & brother's dog (Snookie) and it's kind of weird when they come over. She remembers them but she really does have a much better spoiled life with me and loves me more lol. It's fine though since they don't want her back but I wouldn't be able to give her back even if they did lol.

  8. What a cute doggie family reunion. Looks like you have a very busy weekend.


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