Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Let's start the day with babies!
I got some lovely photos of Bex, Dante and Archer late yesterday:

 ABOVE:  How adorable!  Bex and her boys.  

ABOVE:  Dante is actually happy to hold Archer for a little while now. 

Archer is 1 week old today!  That has gone quite fast I must say.  

ABOVE: This is the block I made last night. It's fairly basic, but I did learn how to join pieces in a different way with this one.
The next one I'm making uses the same technique, where you partly sew a seam, then have to stop so you can get the other bits to join up correctly.  I can't remember what it's called.  Derrr.
But, it's fun.

Once I've got some housework done, I shall be reading a few blogs.  That will probably take me several hours, as I haven't read any in a while.  I have stopped feeling guilty about my irregular blog reading though, cos just keeping mine updated takes enough time most days.  *smiles*  


Well... blog reading is taking me less and less time as so many bloggers that I used to read have stopped blogging. 
Sadly, most have either stopped altogether, or moved on to Facebook or similar.

I do both.  I don't Facebook too much though, as I love my little blog too much to leave it.

I think what does sadden me a bit though is when you think you have built up a 'friendship' with a longtime reader and they suddenly just disappear!  Never to blog or comment again.  I find that hard.  

Did they die?  Did they suddenly just hate my blog?  I will never know I suppose.  

Moving on... it's freakin' cold today.  And pissing down with rain.  I've turned the heat pump on, and am sitting here with a blanket around my legs.  I'm in a draft.
Maybe I need to move my computer desk?
But where?  
My options are limited.

*sigh*   time for some lunch (soup from last night).

The midwife called in for Archer's 1 week check up.  He's doing so well!  He's put on weight and his jaundice is slowly going.  Bex is doing an excellent job feeding him.  I'm sure having Steve home to help her in the first week helped heaps.

Steve, Dante and I had a lovely spa late this afternoon... so nice to relax in a warm pool.
Makes you feel rather tired afterwards though.

I've got dinner in the oven, lamb chops in mint sauce and veges.  Yummy.

End of Day:  dinner was, as expected, very yum.  Enjoyed this evening curled up in me warm, electric lounge blankie.  Bliss.
nite nite


  1. Assess again gorgeous photos just gorgeous... Heavy rain here today I be doing not much.....

    1. Awwww that was what I wanted to say stupid autocorrect.....

  2. I left you a comment! But I think it just disappeared.

  3. What I said was..... Bex and the boys photos are beautiful... REal keepers. It's cold here tonight, it might snow.

  4. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Back home form holiday and just caught up with these gorgeous photos! What a beautiful little family. Anne - Palmy

  5. Beautiful photos Chris....must be lovely to have a new baby around. Your block is amazing....I find the same readers seem to come and go...people often do not comment...cold here too, rain and wind, cooler tomorrow hail and snow to 600m.

  6. I keep meaning to update my blog, just can't find the time - or wrestle the laptop off the teenage daughter.

  7. I know exactly where you are coming from re bloggers who don't blog these days - I enjoyed following many over the years and getting inspiration from them. I'm a hopeless blogger - but probably because very few read mine so I lost the motivation to make the effort to blog. Maybe I will try again soon ....

  8. beautiful pics :-) Looking good Bex :-)
    yes, I'm missing a few bloggers too...............

  9. Congratulations on your newest addition. Gorgeous photos of Bex and her babies. Archer looks quite blonde in those photos.

  10. Many bloggers who used to follow me have stopped blogging and reading too. I never think they have died. I always assume they moved on or occupied with something else. If I don't blog over a month I'm bound to get a couple of emails enquiring if I'm still alive. The patchwork thingy... is it the Y seam you're learning next? I never like Y seam.

  11. Congratulations on the new arrival. What a lovely baby. Such beautiful babies. Enjoy!

  12. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Adorable!!!!

  13. Thanks for reading my blog still. I have you and one other gal that comment regularly now lol. I've fallen behind on my blogging mostly because my son hogs the computer all the time! By the time he gets off I'm usually too tired to get on there.

    Love the pics of the boys, so cute :)

  14. Gorgeous photos and yum tea.


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