Thursday, May 28, 2015


I felt so good, if hot and sweaty, after my walk on the treadmill yesterday.  So I've decided to have another walk today, and see if it helps my back.
I'm starting to think my taking it easy for over a week and sitting too much has actually made my back worse!

I was remembering how bad my back felt if I sat and sewed for too long periods, and hell, I've been nursing my sore back by SITTING for long periods of time!  Derrr.

So... off me bum and doing more walking, gentle exercises and trying not to sit for too long.

Let's see if that helps.

Not sure if we shall be having Keera this coming weekend now.  So, maybe we will just have to wait and go visit them soon.

It's coming up to a long weekend here (Queen's Birthday), but we don't have any plans yet.
I am reluctant to go anywhere on the open road on a long weekend, with all the other thousands of people who want to get out of the city for a few days.  

It's bedlam out there usually.  And lately there have been so many accidents too.  It's scary!

Steve has been away since Tuesday, so I'm sure Dante will be ever so happy to see his Daddy tonight.  As will Bex I'm sure.  I hope he has a safe trip home, luckily BEFORE the mad weekend traffic starts.

Right, that's me for now... I will come back later with some up to date photos of our newest baby grandson... he's changing and growing so fast.  Bex is doing a really amazing job with feeding him... he put on almost half a kilo this week!


Well, I've done a bit more moving around today, tidied up the sewing room, got washing on, had lunch and now thinking about having a walk.  But will need to wait a while so lunch has a chance to settle.

My back was feeling so much better this morning, but now?  Sore as.  Grrrrr.

Apparently Steve is on his way home, which means he might be home early for a change.
Unless he has a job to do here in Auckland before coming home.  I know Bex is looking forward to him being home again.  

So Steve got home nice and early and spent some quality time with Dante, Bex and Archer before dinner.

We had chinese takeaways for dinner and now I feel stuffed.  Healthier than pizza or burgers I suppose.

End of day:  just took masses of photos of the two little boys in the bath... will sort through them and show you a few tomorrow.  For now... it's off to bed.
nite nite


  1. I totally agree about long weekend traffic! We usually get away in the morning or night before. To be fair though we find long weekend traffic seems to behave better due to the volume of traffic. We're actually off to Fiji this week though so no fighting the holiday traffic for us :)

  2. Great guns on weight loss they do say move it or lose it, Samuel says Andrew Riley is contact for Akld him and his dad awesome, I have sunbathed and read last 2 days!!!!! I'm doing it now very relaxing!!!

    1. Can Samuel give me more info on A Riley, Auckland? Where does he run his classes, what are they called etc?


  4. TSKF Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation
    Weymouth Cosmopolitan club
    151 Sykes Rd

  5. Hope your back feels better soon. Keep up the good work on the exercise. Have a wonderful long weekend.


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