Sunday, May 03, 2015


I'm sleeping in... so this is a 'forward' post.

I'll get back on here when I get up. 
Catch ya later...


When I wake up, we are going to a place I found on Facebook last night.  It's on the North Shore and it's called 'Junk & Disorderly'.
It's a junk shop/2nd hand shop, I think it's got  new stuff too...

 ABOVE: photos off their facebook page.  It looks like somewhere I could go nuts!  See that red/gold carpet in the last photo?
We had that exact carpet in our 2nd home in Hamilton.   It was WONDERFUL for hiding lots of 'accidents' with kids/food/crayons and so on!
I'd never have it again though, it's kinda dated now... like really dated!  *smiles*

Right... catch ya later...


So... the new shop I found was... OK.  But just OK.  There were two things in the shop I was interested in, but both, while being on the shop 'floor', were not yet for sale.  I was a bit bummed about that.
Then I also thought their pricing was SKY HIGH for most items, so we left empty handed.  
I doubt I shall be going back.

After that disappointment, we dropped into Victoria Park Market ... to find the place virtually deserted.

It's closing down as a Market place, it simply has not picked up since being revamped.  That's sad.

The shop we really liked there was still open, so I finally got that awesome pitcher that caught my eye last time:

ABOVE:  isn't it funky as?  

ABOVE: I've put some flowers in it for now, but I'm not sure they will stay in it... cos ya can't actually see the funky top!

I also got these from another shop there that was having a stock clearance sale, 50% off everything:
ABOVE:  I've got plans for this lot (gifts).

After the market, we went for lunch in Mission Bay.  We ended up at Burger Fuel... OMG what amazing burgers they have.  I shall have to starve now so I don't record a GAIN on Wednesday!

Home now and going to have a quiet afternoon, might even sleep off that burger.

No new baby in this house YET...

End of Day:  well an interesting afternoon here... lots of jobs got done.  Love that.
nite nite


  1. OMG…thats my kinda heaven…love those kinda places. Enjoy

  2. That looks like a real treasure trove. Lucky you going to visit. Lucky fo me it's too far away

  3. OMG Luv J &D have fun you will go crazy 😊

  4. Thats the best store name I have ever heard. Super creative. Looks like a fun treasure hunt awaits. Where is that baby, Bex?

  5. J&D is pretty cool. Gets busy & sometimes I feel overpriced but a really eclectic mix of stuff.

  6. We have Burger Fuel sometimes - it's about the only take away we get. We get our burgers "bunless" and they are delicious!

  7. Luv the jug you bought ,that's sad that Vicky market is closing again. J & D is very expensive but I luv old stuff 😊

  8. What a treasure trove my kinda place! Love the jug Hey baby Hello hurry up. Vic market was never the same once the took the dirt walkways away!! That's a long long time ago.

  9. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Love the funky jug!!!!!!

  10. Fun stuff! We saw some jars with the ropes like that in Wal Mart yesterday. They would be nice for outside parties.


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