Monday, May 25, 2015


Normally I love Mondays.
It's the day I spend getting the house all tidy after the weekend, but as my back is still being a right shit, I'm not going to be doing much.

It's a right pain being so restricted in what I can do I tell ya!
I love moving stuff, fluffing around in the house.

Grrrrr.   Hopefully my back sorts itself out soon.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Kelly and Rena meeting Archer.  He was a good wee baby and even kept his eyes open for the camera.
He will get used to the camera!  His Grandma is a Paparazzi after all!

ABOVE:  A 'SELFIE' lol.  Taken the other day after Brylee curled my hair.  AND I'm smiling for a change.

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and see what I can get done ... without bending over at all!


I decided to 'tart up' this little wall hanging that Russell gave me:

 ABOVE:  Before I got my hands on it....

 ABOVE:  And after.  I think it looks way nicer now.

ABOVE: luckily I have containers full of bits 'n' bobs for just this sort of thing.

Off now to have lunch... 

LIBRA: I use a Jose Eber curling rod, size 25 cm.  I got it from one of those pop up shops in a mall here in Auckland. 

My good deed of the month is done.  I just cut Steve's hair, Griffin's hair, Brylee's hair and trimmed the sides and bottom of Stew's too.
A Hairdresser I AM NOT, but I've done the family's hair for years and don't seem to do to bad a job.

End of Day:  a long, cold, slow day.  Didn't go to patchwork class as my back is still being a right shit.  
nite nite


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Sorry deleted last comment stupid auto correct anyway love your hair curled what kind of curler do u use

  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    You hair looks lovely "down" and curled, brings out your youth, it's such a flattering look.

    Archer is looking bigger already, they grow so quickly. Great that you have a photo gallery to see him progressing.


  4. Your hair looks darling, Archer looks darling, and the signs looks darling!

  5. Love the photos, Kelly is looking lovely.

  6. Loving the photos of your gorgeous grandchildren. They are all growing up so quickly.


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