Saturday, May 09, 2015


I was really happy sewing last night.  I got three more blocks made, so I ended up making 4 yesterday!

Here's the 3 from last night...

ABOVE:  Three totally different blocks.  I love the top one the best... and will probably do it again in a different colour way.

It's another weekend... with just a few plans made.
We (Stew, B & G and I) are off to the movies tonight to see Pitch Perfect 2.  We all enjoyed the first movie, so here's hoping the sequel is as good.

At some point we shall have to do a grocery shop too.  *sigh*
At least the weather is supposed to be better ... we have had quite a bit of rain the past few days.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, cluck over our newest grandson and play trains with Dante.  What a lovely life I have... *smiles*


So far it's been a lovely quiet day.  Stew, the kids and I just went for a drive around the neighbourhood, checking out all the new homes being built.  I can't believe how many are going up ... so fast.

Looking forward to the movies tonight... it's been a while since we last went to the movies.

I'm now going to find more block patterns on the 'net... so I have something to do later tonight and tomorrow.

 ABOVE: Yaaa, a whole bunch of patterns printed off ... 

ABOVE: This is the next one I'm going to make.  It's pretty.

OOOOh Margaret ... I'm so envious!  Lucky you.

Pitch Perfect 2 was LOVELY.  Even the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  I get the feeling there won't be a No # 3 though, sadly.

The rest of this evening will be spent cutting out the heart block I hope.  But then again... I'm freakin' tired as, so might even have an early night.  

End of Day:  a nice day, fairly quiet.  Baby is doing well, jaundice is slowly going which is good.  Bex is nursing him and has milk for Africa right now. *smiles*
nite nite


  1. Loving your blocks - they are VERY funky. I am off to our annual quilt show here in Palmy today - will come home full up with inspiration....and no doubt some new fabric ;-)
    Have a great weekend

  2. All the blocks are colourful and funky love them gave a neat weekend......

  3. Love the blocks Chris. This is going to look great put together. Glad all is going well with Archer and Dante-they are both cuties.

  4. Just back from Hawaii. You'd be in heaven there! Just do many quilting shops and stalls!!

  5. Is that last block right Chris ? Does the pink square on the left need to be swamped with the blue one on the bottom ?

  6. Loved the first movie, can't wait to see the sequel!


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