Monday, May 04, 2015


TODAY is a very big day.

My sister goes into theatre this afternoon for surgery to remove part of her lung.  A big deal, a scary deal.

I'm worried sick for her.  But, there is NOTHING I can do but wait and hope for the best.

My Mum, her daughters and son-in-law are all there for her, so she's not alone.

MEANWHILE... back here.... it's probably going to be a fairly quiet day.  Still waiting for baby... now 3 days overdue. 


UMMmmm.... I do believe we will have a baby today!......... edit:  but it could take a while!  Progress is painfully slow.

Meanwhile, Dante is having a ball having his Granddad home this morning.   He even let his Granddad change his nappy and get him dressed this morning with no fuss at all.  Usually he refuses to even lie down till he's growled at!  Little shit.

I've got the tidy bug... I've just washed the windows in the family room!  Nerves?  Probably, cos I hate washing windows.

Well... my sister should now be in surgery, I hope everything goes well.

I've been incredibly lazy today, mostly playing on my compter, killing time.  Like everyone else here...

I'm not going to Patchwork class tonight, just in case we have to head off somewhere.

It will be a quiet evening here I think.  Hopefully I hear from my Mum once my sister is out of surgery and all will be good there.

MARLENE: sent you an email.

End of Day:  sorry to say it but no baby today ... Bex is hanging in there till tomorrow!
I haven't heard from my Mum re:  my sister either.  No news is good news I hope.
nite nite


  1. Yay!!!!! Go Bex!! I hope it's all going well.

  2. Prayers for Bex and the whole family! :)

  3. How exciting :) all the best Bex for swift delivery and a healthy baby :) wooohooo it's time, it's time

  4. Exciting times all the best Bex hope it happens fast

  5. I truly hope today is a day for good news for you and all your family xxx

  6. I hope all goes well for everyone today. I am home now, but I was in London yesterday morning when the new princess was born....hope things go as quickly and well for Bex.

  7. Sending good vibes to bex....hope all goes well and baby boy arrives safety

  8. Good luck to your sister, I hope the operation is a success. And good luck to Bex!!!

  9. Good luck to all x

  10. Good Luck to your sister and to Bex today! Please update us on both situations! I am sending positive thoughts to them both!

  11. Nerves or nesting Chris.
    Good luck to both Bex and your sister.
    See Bex I said today would be a good day to have a baby.

  12. Good luck to your sister and Bex!

  13. Best wishes to Steve and Bex! Hopefully,the labor wont be too long!

  14. So exciting!!!.... can't wait to see the newest little man xxxx

  15. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Exciting - looking forward to the news.

  17. Good luck everyone. so excited to hear bubs name, I absolutely adore the name Dante!😍

  18. Hate waiting!!!! How is Bex???

    1. She is fine. Looking forward to the end...

  19. What a day the wait must be excruciating hope you dont have a long night ahead...… Dante how excited he will be when he claps eyes on his new sibling......

  20. So excited for you! I'm sure you can't wait to hold him!


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