Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I don't have any plans for today at all!
So I'm at a loss for what to blog about today.

Weird but true, and luckily it doesn't happen too often.

Griffin and the boys involved in Friday's incident had a meeting with the Principal yesterday... and according to Griffin it's "all sorted out" and there should be no more trouble.
Whatever!  We are going to enrol him in some sort of Self Defense classes, just as soon as I can figure out what one to go for.  There's several different options out there.  SHARON... any ideas?  Can you ask Samuel what he thinks would be best?  Please and Thank You... *smiles*

We are looking forward to this coming weekend for 3 reasons:
1. We shall be looking after Miss Muppet (Keera) for 3 days.
2. Teddy and his family are coming for Saturday lunch.
3. It's a long weekend, and Stew is taking Tuesday and Wednesday off as well.

So, that should be just a lovely weekend.

Steve goes to Whangarei today, and will be away working until Thursday, so three nights away from home.   I bet Dante will miss his Daddy.  

Right, that's me for now.


Bex just hung out a mass of washing... hoping it stays fine for her!  The weather has been abysmal for days now with torrential rain and freezing temperatures.
The country got it's first snow the other day too, so winter sure is here.

My back is still sore, but thankfully not as bad as it was.  I might even go out and about, visit the local Hospice shop and then the mall for a few things I need.

Well, I had fun!   I went to Farmers for my lippy as it's always slightly cheaper there.  And it was on sale, down from $33 to $23, so I bought one.  Then the salesman told me I'd earnt a $20 reward for past purchases reaching a certain amount, so I bought another lippy for $3!  So I got 2 for $26 instead of $66.  What a score!

I went to the local hospice shop and found some treasure there too:

ABOVE:  A gorgeous bowl for someone's Christmas present, awesome cake slice and knife for me, a cute little dragon, fish and beads.  

A successful outing.  *smiles*

Off to have lunch now, then sort out what's for dinner.

no comments today?  omg THAT has never happened before.  Maybe I'm losing my touch... or just plain boring today.... Yep I know.  This blog is getting old, just like me.  *sigh*
Days like this I think I shouldn't be blogging cos no one likes me!  *sniff*  And that is a shameless cry for comments!  lol

I just did a minor move in the lounge, I didn't like where my computer desk was, so switched it with the chair in the corner.  It's better now, though I really shouldn't have done it as my back is only just starting to come right.  I still can't bend over without pain, but I can breathe without winching! 

End of Day:  I'm off to WW's tomorrow ... not expecting a loss as I've done nothing right this week at all.  And no exercise at all, just sat on my rapidly expanding butt due to the blasted back ache.
But, it's another day tomorrow, and another chance to get it right.
nite nite


  1. i still like reading. Great finds today. i am looking forward to the weekend wohoooo

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM


    I love you hair curled you look so lovely...I need a bit of your hair....



  3. What lipstick do you wear Chris?

    1. REVLON COLORSTAY OVERTIME, 16 hrs. Color: Forever Pink. It's the only one I wear. If you can get it cheaper anywhere let me know! I'd be happy to pay for it.

  4. Good luck tomorrow Chris.

  5. Samuel as you know loves karate the discipline and TSKF have a class in Manukau I'm sure, I can get details they work on DEFENCE first, Samuel is at MMA mixed martial arts boxing kick boxing jiu jiutsu etc AND loving that perhaps Stew and Steve could go as well for his confidence etc.. TSKF take ALL AGES and AKLD has awesome teachers/sensei. Loving all the baby pictures Kelly looks stunning. Loved the curls too very nice.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I've emailed a TSKF instructor in Weymouth with a general enquiry. Hopefully we get something sorted for him soon. Even if it's just learning some self defense moves to stop him getting hurt.

  6. Chris, 12.99 on ebay au.

  7. Good shopping bargains :-). I hope your back gets better soon.

  8. Even when you say you're sitting around doing nothing, you seem so busy!

  9. Good luck tomorrow!


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