Sunday, May 17, 2015


So today Stew, Griffin and I are going to the boat show.
Brylee is heading out with her boyfriend and his  family to go on a train ride out Waiuku way.

Oh the joys of boyfriends!  No way would I like to turn the clock back to those days.

Happy Elf Mom:  I will try and get some nice photos of the kids today, just for you.  *smiles*

In the meantime, here's a few of our newest grandson, taken over the past couple of days:

 ABOVE: Coco trying to pretend she's not actually THAT close to the baby.  She just didn't want to give up her spot on Stew's lap.

 ABOVE: Stew and grandsons.

 ABOVE: The jaundice is all but gone now... he's looking much better with his colour.

ABOVE:  Tallulah checking him out ... getting as close as she dares without getting yelled at.  Every time baby moved or made a noise she jumped and her ears pricked up.  Rather cute.

Right, that's all I've got for now, catch ya after our visit to the boat show.


Stew and I ended up going to the boat show all by ourselves as Griffin chose to stay home.  How nice.
We saw dozens of gorgeous boats, thousands of people and lots of hot dogs and chips.  I didn't succumb and have any hot dogs and chips... and we didn't buy a boat either.
Though there were some really good priced boats to be had.   Sadly a boat isn't in our future, unless we win one.

We ended up at St Lukes for lunch.  I had chinese, mostly meat.  No carbs.  Hopefully I have stayed within today's points.

Not a lot else to report on.  I hope to get some photos of Archer in the blue tin today, he will be  the same age as when I took photos of Dante in the tin for the first time.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex's boys.... taken at the same age.  Similar, but not identical.

I will put some more photos on tomorrow.

We were expecting Russell and Ange to visit on their way home from Perth this afternoon.  What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE when they arrived with Andrew, Emily and Liam too!
So, we had a lovely quick visit with them all.

Steve is on dinner duty tonight, he's hand made flaky pastry and is making pork riblet/bacon/cheese and onion pastry packages.  What a bloody shame I've used all my points for the day!  Bugger.

 ABOVE:  I got a couple of gifts from Russell and Ange:  Russell gave me the 'Mad as a Hatter' wall plaque, as if I am!

ABOVE:  And this lovely wall hanging too.  Ange had to carry it onto the planes and look after it the whole way home.  *smiles*  It is lovely and I have the perfect place for it.

End of Day: well it's been a really lovely day.
Going to bed very happy tonight.
nite nite


  1. Yay, I love the baby pics, and the dog pics. Enjoy the boat show.

  2. Wonderful baby girlfriend is working at St Lukes today!! Small world huh!! Well done for resisting the hot dogs and chips! Good you enjoyed the boat show.

  3. How lovely for you to see Andrew, Emily and Liam along with Russell and Ange of course. I needed to hear some good and happy news after my sad news this morning

    1. Awww Dee... sorry you had sad news. {{{hugs}}}


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