Friday, May 29, 2015


This morning Stew, Griffin and I are off to college for Griffin's Parent teacher interview.
I'm sure that will go just fine.  I want to address the bullying ... maybe that won't go so 'fine'?  

After that I'm going to Patchwork class out at Ardmore.  I'm going to be a bit late for it, but I really want to go.  I've missed patchwork class twice already this past week.  I don't want to miss another one.

Coming up to a long weekend here... and would you believe our school kids get TODAY off, AND Monday (Queen's Birthday)  and then they also get off TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!   We can't believe they get such a long break mid-term!  Tuesday and Wednesday are 'Teacher Only' Days apparently. 

Because they are getting that much time off, Stew's taken Tuesday and Wednesday off too... so hopefully we can do a few fun things over the break.

Now, as I mentioned last night... I took some cool photos of the littlies in the bath last night, it was the first time they shared a bath.  It was rather cute.

 ABOVE: Archer is starting to fill out, he's got little chops now.

ABOVE:  His Daddy said 'Smile'.... so that's what he did.  Gorgeous wee man is our Dante.

RIGHT, I better go and get ready to go out.

Catch ya later.


The interview went OK.  We told the school back in November, before Griffin started there, that he has specific learning difficulties.

We asked if they wanted us to get him re-tested by an Educational Psychologist to clarify (for them) what his difficulties were.  They said "No", they would do testing with him at the beginning of the school year themselves.

So.  We left it up to them to do that and get him whatever help they deemed necessary.

DUMB MOVE.  They did NOTHING  ...  until LAST WEEK, when they finally tested him and decided he needed a 'Reader/Writer and his own computer for his exclusive use... not a shared classroom one.

Now one is left thinking... did you ONLY test him LAST WEEK, because you knew it was coming up to Parent Teacher interviews, and we were bound to ask about it? 

I let the interviewing teacher know how frustrated we are with this whole situation.

And we also expressed our concerns re: bullying towards Griffin.

Fingers crossed both issues will now be dealt with swiftly. YEAH RIGHT.  

I am such a skeptic.  But history makes me one.

Patchwork class was delightful.  Lovely and warm classroom, lovely ladies, and I got bugger all done!

ABOVE:  I couldn't finish this one because I didn't have the instruction book to tell me which number stitch was the applique stitch... bugger!  
So I cut out another block:

ABOVE:  This one is going to be gorgeous!  I'm no fan of yellow, but it works well with the other two fabrics don't cha think?

I can't wait to sew it up.

But, right now... I have a job to do in the garage... involving sorting out freezers.

So, I got me freezer contents sorted out, now I just have to get the guys to move the double fridge/freezer up into the dining room again!
I bet they hate me... I'm sure I promised I wouldn't make them move it AGAIN last time!  whoops.

Had a lovely quiet afternoon/evening.  Watched my favourite TV programme (Coro Street) and doing a jig saw or 3 on me laptop.

End of Day:  a really nice, mild, sunny winter's day here.
Hopeing for nice weather tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Aww. I hope you are able to see Keera soon. It's been a while! The boys are looking great! :)

  2. The boys are both so cute. Lovely photos of them. Hope the interview goes well. Enjoy patchwork this morning. More blocks?

  3. What gorgeous wee boys :-). Enjoy class today.

  4. that pink and blue combination of the quilting is soooo so pretty. Definitely my favourite two colours together xxxx

  5. Dammit, it ate my comment...

  6. You have the most gorgeous grandchildren, all of them, but those boys of Bex and Steve are so handsome. I just got a new grandchild and he is also called Archer.

  7. I love that second block Chris ... it's gorgeous! Beautiful photos too. Enjoy the long weekend :)

  8. Pretty blocks! This computer I'm on doesn't let half the pictures show up but what I can see of the kids bath look cute :) I need to get Trevor tested for learning disabilities. Today is the last day of school here so I'll do it the beginning of next year.


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