Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today I'm getting my hair done.  It's been a while since my last colour, when I went a bit darker.  I think I'm going back to more blonde today.
Cos well... I'm a blonde under the mouse, really! *smiles*

Sometime today I'm also expecting a phone call from the shop where we ordered our new bar stools to say they have arrived from the Warehouse.  Fingers crossed it fits in before or after my hair appointment.

Now I don't have any photos so far today, but I do have these:

 ABOVE:  This is so true.

ABOVE:  Such a pretty fish... Joy IS my middle name!  lol

Live by this:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Sometimes this is hard, cos the 'inner bitch' wants OUT.  But Stew helps me resist, he's good like that.  lol


soooo... 3 hours in a chair and me hair is back to 'normal'.  And before you ask.....

 ABOVE:  Blonde again, it's not really yellow on the ends, it's just the lighting.
Fook I hate me double chin!  It will be gone soon though... I hope!  (Bex just saw it and said it looks like a friggin MUG SHOT!!!)  Tart.

Before I left the hair salon I rang the shop where we bought our newest bar stools from, to see if they had arrived.

They had, so I went to Sylvia Park and picked them up before heading home.

ABOVE:  I'm thrilled to bits with them and wish I'd got them first time around.  I had seen them and really liked them last time too.
Never mind, they are here now and so comfy.  

It's been an awesome day.  Even better, I don't have to cook tonight.  It's takeaways.  

I ate too much.  I feel sick.  Lesson learnt.

End of Day:  A lovely day.  Our bar stools are a big high!  So, if we need to, we will be shaving off an inch or so off their heights.  Time will tell if we feel it's necessary.
nite nite


  1. Awesome! Joy is my middle name too!

  2. I think Your middle name is 'Cryptic' LOL

  3. Like the hair and the chairs.
    Lucky there arent any lines/bars in the background cos then it would really look like a mug shot ;)

  4. Those chairs are great and so practical. One good thing about cane is you don't have to try to match wood colour. Great choice :)

  5. Cool colour mum....back to normal

  6. Love the chairs. Your hair looks fantastic.

  7. Missed afew days Archer so cute with Grandad, Dante so cute with Stewy/Grandad... Love the hair but woman those eyes, well done on the loss too.

  8. I like your hair, any color. Great photo!

  9. Love your hair. And the bar stools. Your kitchen is so cute and colorful.

  10. Love your hair. And the bar stools. Your kitchen is so cute and colorful.


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