Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I know I should have last week, but I also know myself, and weighing in and recording a big gain would have given my motivation a huge hit.
So, I think I've done the best I can this week to at least mitigate the damage I did.

It never ceases to AMAZE me how quickly I can regain weight lost!  I mean, I can go up by 3-5 kilos in just a few days!!!!   

Some of that is fluid retention (cos I have THAT problem too), but still.  It is gutting.  And I know that to see a big gain in my WW book would have just pissed me off and made me hit the burgers, so to speak.

I don't want to fall off this wagon AGAIN.  

And I won't.   

I will go today and record a little loss  OR  a little gain.  But it will be LITTLE, and I can live with that.

Either way, I'm a winner cos I am going back.  Before, I would have just gone "Oh fuck it" and stopped again.

I said yesterday that wee Archer got his 1 week check up from the midwife ... well I got a couple of darling photos:

 ABOVE: Bex's midwife, Irene, weighing our wee man.  He didn't mind at all either. 

ABOVE:  Awwwww.... so bloody cute.

Right now... I'm going to make me bed, tidy the kitchen, do a few other little jobs then head out to Weight Watchers.
Wish me luck... cos I have been too scared to stand on our scales.  I will take whatever it is and move  ... ONWARD...

They say any loss is a good loss... so... with that in mind:

I LOST a whole .100 grams this week!

Better than a gain.  

This coming weekend we are going over to Tauranga to visit Lacy and Keera, and check out their new home.  We shall be staying with our friends Jacqui and Marty.

My biggest challenge will be resisting all the takeaway food we shall no doubt have.  Well... that THE FAMILY will have.

I am already starting to think about what I can have that won't damage my efforts to stay on track.

My mind always just thinks of Sushi when out and about.  What else is 'healthy'?  And don't say a bloody salad from one of those salad places in foodcourts!  They give you 99% lettuce and f*#k all else, and charge you like wounded bulls!


Now.  Papakura is where my WW's meeting is, so I stopped in at the local fabric shop (Fabricland) and had a rummage through their scrap box.

You get 20 pieces for $15, which is a good deal.

Their suppliers had just dropped off old samples, and it all goes into the scrap box... I got first pick.  

ABOVE:  40 pieces for applique', mug rugs, blocks etc.  So cool.  And see that black and white 'zebra' fabric!  Perfect for an applique' zebra.  Rather happy to have found that piece.

ABOVE:  I also got a metre of this gorgeous blue fabric.  Building me stash.  *smiles*

Now... it's time for a cuddle of my newest little grandson before getting dinner ready.  We are having pork belly!  OMG can't wait!

I did well tonight! Pork belly, mashed potatoes, kumera, carrots, brussell sprouts,broccoli,  red onions, gravy and apple sauce!  And all ready on time.   
The family seemed to appreciate it.

End of day:  I was happy with my weigh in, I was happy with dinner.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm going over to the North Shore  for a while.
nite nite


  1. Good luck at your weigh in!

  2. Good luck weighing in.

  3. A loss is a loss mum.

  4. Good luck with the weigh in. I know what you mean about gaining weight back so fast, I have the exact same problem and I agree it is so very disheartening.

  5. Those adorable little feet!! Yes I agree a loss is a loss no matter how big or small... I love pork belly my all time favourite.

  6. Wel done on ur loss mum.

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Well done on the loss :-) RE the take out food - try to stick to food that's heavier on protein that carbs - have a burger, but de-construct it - chuck the bun but eat the rest. Or try a Kebab with thin bread (or again de-construct it) & consider the portions - take outs are often massive serves. Give half your serve to someone else or chuck it in the bin!!!! LUCK!!!!!!

    Cute pics :-)

  8. Congrats on the loss. Looks like a great lot of scraps you got . Don't really have takeaways so can't help there but what about stir fry without the rice?

  9. Sushi's pretty bad.... maybe a wrap would be better or even quiche if you are at a cafe...don't have the pastry.... if you do have a burger you could always just have one half of the bun.... no chippies :'(

  10. well done on the loss, baby steps..... Sometimes when I'm out and about I take a small bag of raw almonds and/or walnuts. They are yummy, filling, easy and good for you!.... some dried fruit is also handy, my favourite is dried fig. Very portable and super-tasty. They are so sweet and fudgy, Corbin actually thinks they are chocolate. He asks for "chocolate" in his lunch box.... lol

  11. If you are in the Mayfair forecourt, donburi can be a good option provided you choose sensibly from the meat & sauce options. They also have a roast meal place that I'm sure would give you more veges and less roast spuds.

    1. We will most likely end up at Bayfair at some point. Thanks, I've only tried Donburi once so am not too sure what's available... but will check it out for sure. I so don't want to make too many 'mistakes' over the weekend and end up unhappy next weigh in.

  12. Stupid autocorrect.,,,, that should be Bayfair!

  13. If all else fails I buy a cooked chicken quarter from the supermarket. Protein and no carbs. No veges either but you can make that up later!

    1. Another good idea, thanks Judith.

  14. Well done with your loss, you had lots of other things on your mind over the last fortnight and still lost some weight!

  15. Another marble gone. Well done.

    Did I spy CAT fabric in your glorious loot?

    1. Yep, and I don't even like cats! But it will make a couple of nice mug rugs.

  16. Congrats on the loss. Subway salads are pretty good, Gary has them reasonably often. Share a meal with someone else. Most important, have fun, do the best you can but don't let it ruin a fun time.

  17. Congrats on the loss. Keep positive, all will be well.

  18. Good job with the weight loss! Down is def better than up - I always take what I can!



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