Friday, May 08, 2015


Archer had his first bath last night... and it was a family affair:

 ABOVE:  I bet there's not too many Granddads who get to bathe their newborn grandson for his first bath ever.  Special moment.

 ABOVE:  As you can see, we do these things as a whole family.  Brylee and Griffin had just had a hot spa, for the first time this year.

ABOVE: Dante getting in on the act... he put powder on baby for Mummy... and gave his baby brother a wee kiss.  Archer through all this?  Screamed the house down.  To be expected.  He did settle once his eyes found the TV in the corner though!  Another square eyed kid.

So, another first for wee Archer.  And many more to come.  Early days.

I'm off to patchwork class this morning.  Hopefully it's not raining when I get there.  It's a pain in the butt dragging everything out of the car and into the building in the pouring rain.  
I am looking forward to it though, I really love the class, the ladies, the atmosphere of being around other women who enjoy doing what I love too.


Class was neat today.  A few new ladies in class today too, so our room was quite busy.
I got another block made, it's the same as last weeks, but in different colours:

ABOVE:  I think it's lovely.  I've cut out the next block, but will muck around with colours till I get it just right.  I might even get it sewn this weekend all going well.

The midwife just left, Archer and his Mummy are doing well... they have to keep an eye on the jaundice though.

I'm planning a quiet afternoon, it's wet and miserable outside today, so perfect for a spa perhaps... in PEACE with no kids.  Yep, that might be a plan.

ABOVE: night time cuddles.  Everything is going so well... Dante now likes to hold baby... sorta.  Steve has to hold the baby and Dante just looks at him.  It's lovely that he's so accepting of the baby.

End of Day:  I got some sewing done this evening while watching Coronation Street.  Yaaa... a few more blocks done and dusted.
nite nite


  1. Love the photos mum just beautiful. ...

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Beautiful baby ! great pics !


  3. My daughter's father and his wife have bathed her boys for the first time - like you, I dressed them for the first time :) Special times... what life is all about.

  4. Oh yes! I was going to say, he does look a bit yellow. And SO much like his big brother. Congrats!!

  5. Such lovely photos a real family affair just gorgeous.....


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