Monday, May 18, 2015


OK... I took masses of family photos yesterday, so in no particular order:

 ABOVE: Gorgeous wee blonde head... the baby's!  lol

 ABOVE:  Russell, Ange and Archer.

ABOVE: Dante kissing his tiny brother.

 ABOVE:  Doesn't get much cuter than this!

 ABOVE: Maybe it does!  I had to blackmail him to get in the tin for a photo though.  *smiles*

WITH their parent's permission, I have some darling photos of Emily and Liam too:

 ABOVE: Cheeky little imp is Master Liam!

ABOVE: something tells me Miss Emily is a poser... she sure loved having her photo taken.  So cute.

 ABOVE:  beautiful little blondie too.  

ABOVE:  Such a pretty smile .... and getting so big now!  One more year till school!

Now... today?
Housework.  Some prep work for tonight's patchwork class.
That's about it I think.

So... until later.


11 am and the housework is almost all done and I'm feeling pretty good about that.  There wasn't even that much to do, just washing, vacuming, general tidy up.

So, the rest of the day is mine... and as it's freakin' cold I shall probably do bugger all!

I've sorted out fabrics for tonight's class as well... but as for going down to the garage and sewing?  Nah.  Too cold.
I might get Stew to find our gas heater and get it's tank full so I can be warm down there during the day.

Right.  Off to see what's taped on Sky...

AND... hours later!   I've been to class and had a ball.  I learnt how to do a 'Drunkards Path' block... but kinda stuffed it up so will have to try doing another one.
And I also did a 'Bow Tie' block... which came out really good.
I will show you tomorrow.

Right now I'm off to get ready for bed... EARLY for a change.  Last night I didn't get to bed till 1.45 am in the morning.  Too late.

End of Day:  an excellent day.  Nice and cruisy really.  
nite nite


  1. Beautiful grandbabies!!

  2. Love, love these photos. All your grandbabies are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Oh wow cute cute, beautiful photos.

  4. It is so nice to see updated photos of Emily & Liam, what wee cuties they are.

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Emily and Liam are so gorgeous ! like all your grandchildren !


  6. Leigh5:45 PM

    I've seen an Ad on tv for insulation panels for garage doors, maybe you could get some to keep your bedroom and sewing room warmer. They were the ad with a penguin, can't remember the brand name though!

  7. Gosh that's your bedroom too. You need to keep it warm or you and stew will get winter flu and or chest infections. When will you think of getting your own rooms back ?

    1. If things go to 'plan' we should have our master bedroom back by the end of the year.

  8. Drunkards Path!!! That sounds like me :-)

  9. Lovely photos of kids and grandkids. Doesn't Emily look like her mum ! The wall hanging Ange gave you is perfect for you !

  10. Just gorgeous family pics Chris. So great to see all are so happy. When ya finished doing your housework come and do mine. Cld do with the help. Ahhh and i dont have kids, what a lazy bum Im turning out to be lol.

  11. Anonymous2:44 PM

    lovely pics :-)


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