Saturday, May 16, 2015


Because our plans of going to Tauranga were scuppered, we have decided to go to the Annual Hutchwilco Boat Show instead. 

 I am sure we will enjoy walking around and looking at all the boats and nautical stuff!
And of course... there is also the chance to...

WIN A BOAT!  Now wouldn't that be amazing?  As I virtually NEVER win a bloody thing, I don't think I'll hold me breath.  But, ya gotta be in it to win it as they say.

I sure wouldn't mind having a little boat.  I would be on it every other weekend, even if it was only in the driveway!  lol

We have no other plans for the day.  Steve is home today, so Bex, Dante and Archer will not be alone all day while we are out.  
Maybe they will go out as a 'new family unit' themselves?
Who knows.  Bex has been cooped up inside with the baby and Dante for 11 days now!  She's probably feeling the need to stretch her legs.

On that note, I'm gunna bugger off and see who's up, what's the haps and get ready to go out.


Well... the 'other' Harvey family have gone out and we are about to head out too.  ONLY, we have deferred the Boat Show until tomorrow.  We are going over to Botany to look for bar stools at a couple of furniture shops we missed on our last hunt.
We are now going to look for solid wood, no spinning, no fuss, can't break easily sort of bar stools.  *sigh*

If we get some, I shall make little seat cushions for them so they are comfortable.

Four shops later and we finally settled on new bar stools.  They are not solid wood after all that, but they are no fuss... no swivel, no hydraulics and have high backs which will be safe for littlies.

ABOVE:  What do ya think?  The high back makes them really comfortable.  I don't think I even need to make cushions for them either.  We can pick them up on Thursday... can't wait.

One shop we went into I fell in LOVE with.  The Early Settler in Botany ... OMG I could have spent THOUSANDS OF $$$$'S in there! If I ever need/want household furniture or knick nacks ever again I'm going there.

So, a successful outing.  After sorting out the bar stools, we went to Sylvia Park for lunch and a wander around.

Now home and Stew is doing the lawns and I'm going to sit and watch yesterday's Home and Away, then maybe sew later on.

Steve, Bex and their boys had a nice outing too... baby slept the whole time they were out.  Dante got an haircut which he desperately needed too.

Griffin and Steve need haircuts too... I shall probably end up doing that tomorrow.

End of Day:  nice evening in front of the telly. Coronation Street is fairly interesting right now. And I get to watch it in the lounge now as it's just a bit too cold in the garage.  At least when I go to bed down there I've got me electric blanket and Stew to keep me warm.
nite nite


  1. You know what I haven't seen enough of lately? Pics of Bry and Griff.

  2. Nice bar stool. Haven't been to Early Settler for years but love their furniture. Glad everyone had nice outings-good to see the sun after yesterday..

  3. I like that bar stool.. great for kids and no, you won't need a cushion. They'll look good in your place.

  4. Very nice bar stools Sis. I really like them.Probably wont need cushions. Try em out for a bit and see first. Then hop over to me blog and see why it wont post more than a couple of sentences or let alone nothing at all. Luv Ya

  5. Now where would you A: park the boat and find time to go out in it? AND B: love the bar stools....


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