Saturday, May 23, 2015


Sorry but it is going to be a normal saturday here.

Griffin is off to a friend's place for the afternoon, they are going to Waiwera Hot Pools as a Birthday treat for his friend Joshua.  I hope he has a lovely time.

As for the rest of us it's housework, grocery shopping and so on.

I'm not sure if Steve is working today.  Either way,  Bex and the boys will probably be staying home.  As it's winter now it's probably prudent she keeps wee Archer home and away from other people's germs until he's vaccinated.

I will be getting Stew to hang that wool rug outside today.  I pulled the plug on the bath last night so hopefully it's drained off heaps of the water by now.  It weighs a tonne wet!

Right, that's all for now.  Catch ya later.


Out to lunch... just the two of us. How nice.

Stew and I had lunch at St Lukes, then he bought 3 new pair of jockey's for ... get this... $80!  WTHell?  That's more than girl ones!


I get mine for $3 each from Kmart.

On our way home we got some more smoke detectors from Bunnings... the one's in our house are rigged up to the electrics and I don't trust them.

It is a shitty, wet, cold day.

ABOVE: the view on the motorway coming home.  Nice.  

Off to think about moving some stuff around in the lounge... cos I'm bored.

AND... several hours later it's done.  Stew and Steve got roped in to do all the heavy moving and lifting, thanks guys.
I'm really happy with how the lounge looks now.  Slightly different layout, but I feel a good improvement.

Steve and Bex decided to move things around in the family room too... so it's different in there too.

I will show you tomorrow.

Stew has cooked roast pork and veges for dinner, so I'm off to have dinner then enjoy what's on the telly tonight.  Coronation Street... yaaaaa.

End of Day:  had a lovely evening in front of the telly, and then Brylee played with my hair, which is BLISSFUL.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. Isn't it awful today? Like pea soup outside. We're not going far...need a quiet weekend after the last couple of weeks. And brrrr... bit cold! Good on you for venturing outside! !

  2. Lovely that you and Stu got to go out and have lunch together on your own. The weather up there looks pretty bleak .... I think we're due for similar tomorrow (plus snow on the hills ... brrr!)

  3. Check the sales out Chris.... jockeys were 50% off at Farmers on Thursday!!

  4. Go to the Bendon factory shops. Gary & Samyson get their undies for about $10 a pair. Wasn't the weather crap today, did not enjoy driving in it, enjoyed standing in it watching netball even less. Enjoy your evening.

  5. LOL...Men need good underwear just like woman need good bra's, wish undies were cheap. The cheap ones are junk and don't last long.

  6. Sorry, forgot to say say, your weather looks great, out weather here (Johannesburg) , sunny, warm and dusty, will only get rain in lates spring again.


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