Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Today will be all about having a restful day.
For Bex to settle down and just get over the birth of Archer.
Steve is home for the rest of the week, so they can spend some nice time getting to know their new son.

Stew is back at work today.
I'm staying home too.  Not weighing in this week... I'm just not sure my eating has been that good this past week!
A bit of stress related eating went on. 
I'll do better over the next week and feel better about weighing in then!

*smiles*.  There will always be up's and down's on this weight loss journey.

Here's a few more photos:

 ABOVE:  First cuddles.  Not that Dante wanted to have Archer on his lap!   But, an hour later and he was getting more excited about his baby brother and did have a proper cuddle and kiss for him.

 ABOVE:  First kiss from his Granddad.  Special moments.  I just love them.

ABOVE:  finally, you get to see the finished cot bumper!    Archer Cliff Murray (Archie).  They sure know how to choose lovely names. Cliff was my Dad's name (Steve's Grandfather), and Murray was Bex's Grandfather's name.

ABOVE:  Last night, all tucked up in his bed.  He's so TINY!  

I got to speak with my sister last night.  She's doing OK... very sore after her operation as can be expected, but hopefully on the road to recovery. 
All going well, she will get results and follow up treatment in a month or so.  

NO ONE guessed Archer's birth date, but two got the weight right, so you will both get 2 mug rugs.  Lynda and Debbie, email me your addresses!  (

Right, I'm off to get some housework done.  It never ends...


I escaped for the morning... went down to the mall and got flowers, balloon, card etc for the new Mummy.  Then I got chickens for tonight's dinner, as Bex fancied roast chicken.

Then I took some clothes to the hospice shop and found a little piece of treasure!  And a cute little (new) cardigan and hat set for Archer.

And THEN I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and got two new winter sheets for my bed, and some PJ's for Dante and Keera.
Lacy, I need your address.

So, I kinda had fun!  Shopping is the next best thing to KFC.  lol *smiles*


 ABOVE: Bedtime after lunch, and Dante wanted to be like his baby brother and be wrapped up.  How bloody cute is that!  

 ABOVE:  Yep, he wanted to get in Archer's car seat too.  Hopefully he remembers he's a big boy now!  He's decided he rather likes his baby brother now, thank goodness.

 ABOVE:  Did I mention the chocolates!  I shan't be having any.  

ABOVE:  This is what caught my eye today at Hospice shop.  It's kinda ugly, but it just caught my eye and well... I had to get it!  I have NO IDEA what I shall do with it of course.  Whoops.
Maybe a fern it in?  

OK... it's been a long tiring day really.  Everyone is tired after the past few days events. 
My sister got awesome news today too!
The doctors say they got all of the infected lung out, so fingers crossed she won't need any more treatment!
I'm amazed.  And relieved for her.

End of Day:  early cos I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight!
nite nite


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your little one, he is so cute and love the name. I use to be the same after having a bad week of eating and wouldn't get weighed but them would find it carried on into the next week. Now with my tail between my legs I weigh every week and sometimes its not as bad as I think. good luck Chris :)

  2. Wow he is just so gorgeous. . And that name is just awesome. ...congrats to both steve and bex...

  3. So precious and so teeny tiny, what a sweetheart you are all blessed with beautiful kids....

  4. Was that me? The Lynda who got the birth weight? I can't even remember what I said. No worries about a mug rug - please give the other person my one. Baby is beautiful... what a happy time. You should go to WW thought, much better to get a weekly baseline even if it's not great.

  5. Chris I tried that with WW last week and put far more on because I couldn't get bacok on track. You should go, this journey is different and it is all about being accountable. Trust me you will feel better and it will get you back on track, grab your marbles and off you go xx

    1. I totally agree with you, Bec. Take it on the chin, Chris - go and weigh in and move forward.

  6. Welcome Archie! Congratulations Bex, he is beautiful!

  7. Congratulations dear Chris, what a lovely baby!
    I`m so glad that everything went well, you are very blessed with your wonderful familiy.
    Your quilt is just gorgeous.
    Good news about you sister too, wish her good luck for her recovery.

  8. Archie is gorgeous, I am sure Dante is going to be the most gentle loving big brother :-).

    If it is not too late, go to your WW meeting & weigh in at least, keeps your accountability going.

  9. I just love the boys in the blankets, so cute!


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