Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Nervous AGAIN.  Hoping for more than .100 grams!
Time will tell.
9.30 can't come soon enough I can tell you.

Until then, I shall put some washing out on the line and potter around the house killing time.

 ABOVE: Griffin and Brylee after our spa last night.  Brylee was cooking bacon for her school sandwiches.
Finally, I don't make school lunches any more.  They do their own.  It's bliss I can tell you.

ABOVE:  Bex with Archer yesterday in his fluffy bunny suit.  He is now 2 weeks old (yesterday).
I can't imagine him not being here now, he's such a good wee baby.  Let's hope it lasts!

Right... better go and do something constructive.


Today's result?

I lost .700 grams (1.5 pounds), so I'm very happy. That's 7 more marbles transferred over to the 'Lost' jar. Excellent.

Slow and steady from now on... and all the small losses will add up to a BIG loss come Christmas.

ABOVE: I got these WW freezer labels for my 4th week of 

attending WW.  

Doubt I will ever use them though, nothing stays in the freezer 

long enough to worry about dates!

I'm now going to have some lunch and watch yesterday's Home 

and Away before doing some much needed housework.
My gorgeous fluffy, pure wool rug in the lounge has got to go 

back into the loft.  

I can't stand the never ending bits of fluff that comes off it.  

Such a shame cos it's such a lovely looking rug.

Well I've been thinking about my lovely wool rug. 

And I've come up with an idea.  

I am going to wash it in VERY HOT water in the bath and see if I 

can get the fibres to matt together a bit. 

Hopefully that might stop it from shedding bits of fluff all over the house.

I don't want to shrink it too much, or 'felt' it as such... just semi felt it?  

If it doesn't work, nothing is lost.  

I will just put it up in the loft and only bring it down for special occasions. 

I can't do it today though. My back has been really sore for two days now.  

This afternoon it has gotten REALLY BAD and I've had to resort 

to taking a mega pain killer (Tramadol), and sit in my chair with 

heat on my back.  

So, nothing is getting done.

My mind is going around in circles wanting to do this 'n' that, but I can't.  

Best to just sit here and give the pill a chance to do it's work.

As I haven't taken a Tramadol in a year or so, it should work!  

I'm not one for taking pain killers unless it's totally necessary.  

Today, it's necessary.

Having trouble with my font today.  It's cutting off all the downward parts of letters.  Grrrr.  

I've tried everything I can to fix it.  No luck.  I hope you can still read it easily?  

Then I thought of putting bigger spaces between sentences.  

Let's see if that works.

Thanks for the font tip Lynda... it worked.

My back has settled down since taking the Tramadol pill and keeping heat on my lower back for hours. Thank god. I just hope it's better tomorrow.

End of Day: well a good day on a whole. So relieved my weigh in went well.

nite nite


  1. Congratulations on your loss, keep up the good work you are doing great !!!!

  2. Thats a good loss !
    can you put your rug in the dryer on no heat or low heat to try and remove some excess fluff ?

  3. Well done Chris, thats a good loss.

  4. Congrads on the weight loss sis. Well done.

    1. I hope you are doing as well as Chris Loweja ?

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Congrats Chris - slow and steady wins the race! Nice photos too by the way - I have been meaning to comment for ages but it never works for me!


  6. Chris well done on your loss and also you total lost so far. You are an inspiration. I need to kick my butt back in to action and you have motivated me to do that.

  7. Please try some thing else before you try really hot water for that blanket. I am VERY worried it will be fkd

  8. Great loss darlin:-) And congrats again on the beautiful grand baby:-)

  9. Congrats on the loss. Sorry to hear about your sore back. Cute little baby. Take care get better.

  10. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Lovely to have you on my blog reading list again, Chris. It's been awhile!



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