Friday, May 01, 2015


My niece in Australia had her baby last night, a wee boy.  All is well... I'm still waiting to find out his weight and name and how his MUMMY is doing after her C-section.  But so relieved it's all over for her now and she can focus on her new baby.

As for Bex... she's due today.  Not counting any chickens though, she's dicking around with Braxton Hicks contractions still.  Baby boy Harvey will come when he's good and ready.

This morning I'm off to Ardmore to our new Patchwork class venue.  It's right beside Ardmore airport!  I mean you can watch the planes take off and land only 300 metres from the sewing room!

I hope it's a nice warm room... cos it's getting much colder now.

I've cut out another block to work on this morning, it's got heaps of little triangles... so lots of careful matching will be going on.
Oh what fun.   It's a challenge and I love that.

I had my one 'evil' meal for the week last night... KFC.  It was so nice.  Now it's back on track and focus on doing well all week... and hope for another good loss next wednesday.  I can do this!

It's freakin' MAY already!!!


Baby news:  My niece's baby was expected to be a tiny 5 pound baby, he wasn't.  He was 7.4 pounds and they have named him Charlie.  I love it!  
Home front:  no pain... no baby.
It will happen.... 

Patchwork class was wonderful.  The rooms we used were lovely and warm, we had a kitchen and bathroom right there too.

 ABOVE:  we are so lucky.  The room comes with all the tables and chairs, and a couple of high cupboards that are perfect to do our cutting out on.

ABOVE: even the kitchen benches are perfect for cutting out on.  And we can use the facilities for making our morning tea too.  It's perfect!

 ABOVE: looking in from the doorway.

 ABOVE:  to the left of the doorway is this little lounging area, with a tv even.  Perfect if I ever have to take one of the kids, or for anyone's hubby who tags along. Today two of the ladies husbands stayed and had a wander around the airfield.   

ABOVE:  the view from the front door... that red line I've drawn in is the airstrip, that's how close it is.  There were a few small planes taking off and landing while we were there.

ABOVE: One of the husbands taking in the view and enjoying the sunshine while drinking a coffee.

ABOVE: The block I made today... see... I did actually DO something today!   I also cut out the next block, which is the same pattern, just in different colours.

Home now, and Bex is still in one piece, not in pain (dammit)... so I shall go and watch some TV myself until I feel the urge to do something else.  

End of Day:  a lovely chillax afternoon.  Got to see a couple of photos of wee Charlie on his Dad's Facebook ... he's darling!  Makes me so clucky and now I simply can't wait for our wee man to be born.
Cuddles with newborns are just so SPECIAL.
nite nite


  1. Ya for rowie.......keep up the great work can do it

  2. Congratulations on your Niece's wee bubs. I hope they are both well. Hang in there Becs :-).

  3. Ohhhh nice a baby boy and all is well. What a lovely outlook for sewing I have been out Ardmore way many a time, I love it frost here a GOOD one but pay off A STUNNING DAY.......

  4. The new rooms look lovely and cosy.
    I love the new block, lots of bright contrast.

  5. C'mon Bex. Only a few hours left for me to win!!

    1. Anonymous5:26 PM

      Sorry kate lol no sign yet a few niggles but not enough

  6. Poor Bex, the pressure is on !

    Hope it all goes well whenever he decides to come, although Monday would be good as its our wedding anniversary

  7. Congrats on the great nephew. Loving the blocks.

    Now, I have heard that the activity that got bub there in the first place can help bring on his expulsion. If you get my drift .....!

    1. Ha ha! they have been trying 'that' too... Steve is a happy man. But, it's not working either. Think we will just have to wait for nature to take it's course. One thing is for sure, he will be born... eventually!


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