Saturday, May 02, 2015


While she waitS ... less than  patiently... Bex has been crocheting up a storm.
She's made lots of things, including these:

 ABOVE: little hats and mittens to donate to the hospital for babies in need.

 ABOVE: This one is for their baby, when he comes.  Steve doesn't like it, but ... I'm sure Bex will still put it on him!  lol

I've been trying to make up my mind about what colour to 'do' my hair with next time I go to the hairdresser.  I can go back to 90% blonde, or keep with the slightly darker streaks and blonde... seeing this photo of my hair last night, after Brylee had curled it helped me make up my mind:

 ABOVE: I think I'm going to stick with the slightly darker streaks.  What do you think?  Bear in mind the flash was on the camera, so it looks a bit lighter in the middle than it really is.

ABOVE: Bex took this gorgeous photo of a Monarch Butterfly on my 'fence garden' yesterday.  It's a really good photo!

Today?  Not sure yet.  Probably will know once I discuss it with Stew!  lol
Catch ya later.


So... we all ended up going to Sylvia Park ... us for a wander and lunch, and Steve,Bex and Dante for a quick wander around, living in hope exercise will bring on baby.  HA HA, didn't work.

My favourite flower shop was having a sale, so we got a few more flowers (artificial), I shall use them for gifts I think.

ABOVE: pretty eh?  I just love the flowers from Sylvia Park.
After lunch we did a mini grocery shop and came home.

*sigh*  a quiet afternoon by the look of it now.    
ABOVE:  it feels like Sunday.  Steve is home today for a change.  

ABOVE: STILL crocheting.  Baby is just getting bigger and bigger, hanging in there.

Oh Dear... Kate Middleton's gone into labour... and Bex is NOT happy.  She wants her baby too.  Poor girl.  There is nothing worse than going overdue.  Even for just a few days.  
Fingers crossed it's not much longer for her.
In the meantime... I wonder what Kate will have?  I'm thinking another boy.

Well I was wrong!  Kate and Wills had a wee girl!  How lovely for them.  

End of Day:  a lovely day, nice and quiet.  
nite nite


  1. What a great idea to make hats and donate them. That butterfly is so pretty!

  2. Keep the darker hair, I think it actually makes you look younger :-)

  3. I like the darker streaks, and for myself I find it easier to deal with regrowth when I have highlights in more than one colour (mine needs doing, haven't had highlights since spring...)
    Monika from Himmelgarten Quilts

  4. Great work with Ww. Joining Thursday . Mx

  5. There are 3 babies I have been watching for. The first, a dear friend became a Grandma yesterday afternoon in Melbourne, then the royal baby today so Bex must be tomorrow :-) Wasn't Dante early? Good luck Bex. Karen

  6. Well I just heard that Kate had a girl. Looks like Bex won't be having hers the same day.

  7. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Is that a wig you're wearing Chris?

  8. Poor Bex. I hope it happens soon!


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