Friday, May 15, 2015


I should be going to Patchwork class today, but I'm just not sure I want to.
It's been pissing down with rain all night and looks to be the same all day today.

Our trip to Tauranga may not happen if the weather is going to be utter crap.  Will see what the forecast is like tonight before making a firm decision.  No point going and being stuck inside for two days eh.

So... today.  I might go to class, but it will depend on how badly it's raining at 9am really.
If I don't go, I shall still do some sewing, just here on my own I suppose.

Right, I'm off to get a few jobs done around the house before making up my mind what I'm doing.


Well, the sun has come out... although it's still looking pretty ikkk out there.  I will go to patchwork and risk getting my machine and bits 'n' bobs in and out in the rain, but fingers crossed it holds off till later.

As for the weekend, well that all depends on a few factors out of my control really.  I don't see the point in going if we can't do what we had planned to do, (nice walk on the beach, lunch with family, etc).  I'm sure Stew feels the same way.

So, time to perk up and get moving I suppose.

ABOVE: The block I made in class today.  I had wanted to get another one done too, but I'd not taken the 'right' fabric so came home half an hour early.
Luckily the rain held off while I was loading/unloading the car.  But in between?  PISSING DOWN.

Now it's lunch time and then I might do some more sewing.

The decision has been made re: the weekend.  We are staying home.  I doubt a trip to Tauranga will happen for a while now.  I will just have to post Keera's new PJ's to her.

Off to find lunch...

Steve just got home from work... mad as hell!
He had to jamm on the brakes and swerve to miss an idiot who stopped on a green light... and some of the timber in the back of his van smashed into his windscreen and stereo.

ABOVE: at least it didn't shatter and make him drive home in a bit of a draft!  lol
Luckily he has insurance.  It will be fixed within the next day or two.

The rest of the afternoon/evening went as per usual... dinner/clucking over baby/watching TV.... heading off to bed late.

End of day:  a so-so day really.  Nothing special to natter on about.
nite nite


  1. The sun is shining here Chris so hopefully coming your way. Glad it's stopped raining as have golf tournament this morning. Hope you manage to get away for the weekend.

  2. The rain radar is looking great for the weekend!! Lots of clear sky by the looks of it.

  3. Bugger about the weekend plans, I am sure Keera was looking forward to seeing you.

  4. Another great block. Your morning was more successful than mine-we got so drenched golf was abandoned! Why would you stop on a green light??? Thankfully Steve is ok-that would could've hit him

  5. I received my wonderful package from New Zealand today. I just love my treasures! The mug rugs are great and the cards beautiful. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I will always treasure them.

  6. I had to come down to Rotorua today in that awful weather. You'll be happy you stayed home! ! Trees down and a lot of damage. By Sunday it's meant to be gorgeous but at the moment it's freeeezing!!

  7. Seech luckily it didn't hit him

  8. Sorry to hear you plans fell through. Hope you manage to have a lovely weekend. Take care


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