Thursday, May 07, 2015


When we first met Archer, we all thought he looked like 'himself', and not that much like Dante.
But, I think we were wrong:

ABOVE: Archer 1 day old and Dante 2 days old... they could be the same baby!
Right down to the hair on their heads... they are so similar.
Brings back memories of my first two babies.  They looked amazingly the same, yet turned out quite different later on.

Time will tell how Archer looks in a few more weeks.  We will all enjoy watching him grow, that's for sure.

Today?  Well... I'm feeling a bit down about my 'diet', so will sit down and read a few WW Magazines, get some inspiration and motivation I think.
I'm also thinking it's time to start getting on the treadmill again too.  Exercise will help with my mood I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's patchwork class.  I missed going to the Monday night class this week.  I'm probably going to give up the Monday night class, now that the Friday class is going ahead long term.

Oh yeah, just remembered... I need to go down to the post office and send off some Mug Rugs to Debbie in the USA, she guessed Archer's weight correctly. 
And the PJ's for Miss Muppet can be posted off too.
Now that Lacy has a 'permanent' home of her own over in Tauranga, perhaps we can go for a visit soon.  I miss our wee Muppet.
What do ya say Stewy?  A trip to Tauranga in a couple of weeks would be neat.

Steve commandeered me camera last night and took masses of freakin' photos, and even tried doing a 'selfie':

You are not supposed to photograph up your bloody nose ya dick!  ha ha ha.


Well a good morning here.  Bex had a long night with baby, up till at least 3.30 am.  He's a bit jaundiced, so lots of natural light on him and feed often.
Midwife is really happy with them both though.

Steve and Dante went to the mall for a haircut, but came home uncut as they had to wait too long, even though there were 3 hairdressers at Just Cuts, and NOT ONE CUSTOMER in the store!  Not impressed.

Now that Steve is home to keep an eye on mum and bub, I am going out to post parcels.

One of my Facebook friends in the States sent me an online gift voucher for Archer, and I redeemed it for a gift for baby.  The gift arrived less than 24 hrs after I ordered it!
Talk about fast.  So, this is what Nicole W gave our wee man:

ABOVE:  A darling little seahorse that glows and plays lovely gentle music.  
As you can probably see, Archer is a bit yellow!  The ginger tinge to his hair seems to have gone now ... he's looking rather sandy blonde.  
He's getting his first bath tonight, his Granddad is doing it.

We have some family traditions going with Steve and Bex's babies, *smiles*.  I got to dress him for the first time, and Stew gets to bath him.  Cute eh?

End of Day:  well baby had his first bath, and HATED it, as I expected.  *smiles*
Time for bed.
nite nite


  1. Archer is gorgeous! Congratulations all round! I love his cot bumper too. And Steve's photo made me giggle. Great way to start my day. :)

  2. I'm just glad Steve didn't have anything up his nose !

    Is dante a bit fatter in the face or is that just camera angle ?

  3. Chris! Go to your WW meeting. Eat all your points every single day and use the extra ones they give you for the occasional treat to see you through. Come on, you can do this!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Congratulations to you all on the beautiful new addition to the family :)

  5. What beautiful photos of Archer, gosh that's uncanny looks glad you and Stew get to do neat things with your grandchildren so lucky.

  6. super cute traditions!... I love that stuff too xxxxx


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