Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hopefully today will be Bex's last midwife appointment.
She is due tomorrow.  Though, as we all know, babies never come when they are expected.

All of mine were overdue, some by a week or more, so Bex could be a good week or more away from delivering yet.  *sigh*

So, I'm going with her today to her midwife appointment, just to say 'Hi' to her midwife and keep an eye on Dante for her too.

I have not heard from Australia yet either on how my niece is doing with her delivery.  She got induced yesterday afternoon... so maybe she's in for a long drawn out labour.  Bummer.

Apart from the midwife appointment, I don't have anything planned for the day.  I think staying home and keeping an eye on Bex is all I will be doing today.  She keeps having powerful Braxton Hicks contractions so we are all on tenderhooks, waiting for the 'real deal' to get started.

I'm trying a new 'recipe' for my lunch today... roast broccoli, tossed in crushed garlic and seasoning, then sprinkled with some cheese.  I am drooling at the thought of it...

ABOVE:  hopefully mine looks as good as that!

OK.... I better go and start me day...wet and windy again today, so a stay indoors day for sure.


Well the midwife appointment went well.  All going well we won't have to attend another one, but if we do the midwife might just have a go at getting her going with a 'stretch 'n' sweep.  
She advised Bex to go for a good fast walk (something I'd already suggested), so we went down to the mall and had a brisk walk around.

Don't think it worked.

Still no word from Australia on how my niece is doing... all the phones are switched off, so they must be at the hospital 'working' on getting baby born.  I hope it's all going well.

I have my broccoli in the oven right now... hoping it's lovely, cos it's going to be a really low point lunch, and filling too.
Tonight is my 'evil' dinner.  I want KFC.
We have a visitor tonight too, our friend Jacqui from Tauranga is staying over.
It's always lovely to see her.

UPDATE on my niece:  she's in surgery having a C-Section as I type this.  So it won't be long now before we know what her baby is and how it all went.  Fingers crossed for a fast and easy delivery.

End of Day:  We have another wee boy in the family!  I don't know his weight or name yet as it's really late here and I've only been told he's arrived and all is well.
Now I can go to bed and relax, I've been on tenderhooks all evening.
nite nite


  1. Come on Bex....I've got April 30th as my guess and I'd really like some mug rugs....... ;)

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    What the heck is braxton hicks? Never heard of them and I am a mum of four? Maybe we don't have braxton hicks in Africa?

    1. Braxton Hicks contractions are when your uterus goes all tight and a bit crampy, but not painful. I liken them to warm ups to the real thing. You usually only get them in the last month or so. You will have got them, but obviously you didn't know their name. *smiles*

  3. Hey Diet Coke!
    Since my hubby went vegan on me three months ago we have been having lots of "roasted vegetables". Including broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts. They are surprisingly tasty! Toss with a bit of olive oil and spices and cook in the oven. Sounds odd but tastes good!


    1. My niece is still in very early labour, so maybe not today for her. As for Bex... she isn't due till tomorrow, and could go over easily, not that she'd want that of course. But it could happen. No amount of willing it to happen will do it unfortunately.

  5. Tomorrow was my guess. Bugger. Ger your shit together Bex!!!

  6. Oh for the love of babies Where are they? Come on lil people you haves faces waiting.... I love roasted kale in garlic and lemon and olive oil....

  7. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Haha Kate iv been trying iv eaten spicy food and pineapple, brisk walks and bouncing round on a Swiss ball. This weekend would b a great time tho
    Bex :)

    1. OH Bex! You forgot all the hot sex!

    2. Anonymous9:38 PM

      Oh nah we haven't lol steves been pretty happy the last week or two ae :P


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