Wednesday, May 27, 2015


And OMG don't they come around fast!
I'm off to WW's this morning, and as I said last night, I don't expect a loss.
Too much sitting around doing nothing in the past week due to the back ache.  And a few slip ups with the food too.

Pain does that to ya.  Makes you crabbier than 'normal', and self medicating with food is my thing.

Dammit.  BUT!...  I am going.  No point putting my head in the sand eh?

Wish me luck that I haven't gained too much.   *sigh*

While I am over in Papakura I shall visit the local fabric shop, and the Hospice shop in Takanini on my way home.  Ya never know what you might find ... and knowing me I'll find something.

ABOVE: for the umpteenth time, my computer is back in THAT corner of the lounge.  Why oh why can't I just leave it there?  Maybe NOW I will.
I've got a mirror set up on top of the printer so no one can sneak up on me from behind, (STEVE), and scare the shit outta me!

Right, that's all for now... I hope to come home with something cheerful, either a pretty piece of fabric or some treasure.  And I think I'll do some blog reading later too, catch up on who's doing what.


AND.... the verdict for this week is:


I'll take that!

It's getting really cold in the meeting room too, so it was an effort to actually stay at the meeting for the entire hour, but I did.  I am really enjoying the meeting, the ladies are nice and I'm starting to remember some of their names even.  *smiles*

I've come home feeling really motivated to do better this week and not let so many meals be 'bad' ones.  If I want to lose weight I have to really knuckle down!

Bex and the boys are out at the mall, so for just a little while I'm here on my own.  Strange feeling!

I forgot to mention, I didn't go to the fabric shop, I only stopped at the Takanini Hospice shop.... where I got 4 little succulent plants for the garden.
Then straight home, away from temptations like KFC and the Cheesecake shop!

This afternoon I decided, bugger my back, I'm going to get on the treadmill and walk.  So I did.  And I feel so much better for it.  I shall do it again tomorrow.
And hopefully my back will thank me for it?
I'm sure sitting on me butt because my back is sore is NOT helping it!

I cooked a lovely chicken stir fry with noodles for dinner, and it was delish.
Sorry Steve, you missed out.  I hope he's eating properly up in Whangarei.
Pies?  Pies?  I wonder!  *smiles*

End of Day: I think it's been a good day.  And with that being said...
nite nite


  1. Good Morning Chris, fingers crossed for you today, its a bumpy road this weight loss journey ehhh?

  2. Well done!! I need to get my fat bum back to WW this week. My best friend is getting a stomach sleeve next month, I am tempted because I have 60kgs to lose and just don't know if I can get there???

  3. Bec whatever works for you is what you have to do. I find WW's works for me because I know I can never have WLSurgery! It could possibly kill me sadly, and no amount of lost weight is worth dying for! (I have bleeding issues).

  4. Congrats on going and starting fresh!

  5. .... arrrrgh, I meant to say if you go to Kmart or Farmers etc. The thing to know is what colours to buy... and with your blue eyes, it's anything brown/orange/gold. Go for copper, bronze etc. Basically the opposite of blue on the colour wheel. That's why with green eyes I use colours with a red/pink undertone that makes my eye colour pop. go forth and shop Chris.... ya know ya want to. xxxxx

  6. Its still no gain Chris so thats good.

  7. Well done going to WW even if you didn't feel like it and good your weight is the same...good to be getting to know some of the ladies....takes a while aye!!

  8. It must be very hard weighing yourself every week. I haven't weighed myself for months. I use my skirts/shorts to gauge whether I put on any tummy fat.

  9. No gain is good news. Keep strong, you can do it.

  10. WTG on walking! That will probably help your back out a lot if you keep it up.


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