Saturday, July 19, 2014


Two more sleeps and the kids go back to school.
They have been really good... up until the last day or so, when boredom kicked in.  Then they got lippy, and just got under our skin.

So... Bex is taking the two toddlers and the two bigger kids for a walk to the Gardens today.  

BLISS.  Stew and I can just relax... YEAH RIGHT!

I'm sure we will end up doing housework.  

It never ends, the daily grind of cleaning/vacuming/washing clothes/bla bla bla.

Lacy has been busy over in Tauranga, getting her name down at Real Estates everywhere, looking for a nice house to rent for her and Miss Muppet.   

And we are looking for another storage facility where all of Steve and Bex's household effects and furniture can be kept until they move out.  At the moment it's all in Lacy's spare 3rd bedroom.  So is quite a few bits 'n' bobs of ours.

I can't even remember what is over there of ours!

So, plans for today?  We don't really have any.  At some point we need to do the grocery shopping, and if the weather stays clear Stew will get the lawns mown.  The grass is rather high!  But a pretty green!

I don't have any photos for the day yet either... maybe later.


Hellooooooo????? Am I boring ya all?  Or are you all too busy to pop in and say HI?   Feeling abandoned today!!!

Remember a long while ago, I took one of the dogs for a groom at Mt Wellington and it was a dreadful groom?
It's happened again!
Teddy looks like he's been groomed by a bloody 10 year old!

ABOVE:  See?   It looks like he's been hacked at!

Just fired off an email to the franchise owner again... with photos.  Now I wait.  

Coco is NOT going there next week... I've booked her into the Takanini groomers.

End of Day:  well another nice day with our wee Keera... her and Dante are really so entertaining together now.  If they are not playing together nicely, they are having tug-of-wars over some toy or other! Oh, they have also realised that screaming in sync is choice too.  Not so choice for our ears though!  They run through the room screaming, seeing who can make the most noise!  Fun.
Time for bed, it's 12.42 am and it's MY turn to get up to Keera in the morning!  *sheesh*
nite nite


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I'm here! How's Russell doing? I think Lacy is going to miss having you so close... I know I would :)
    ~Nicole in CA

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Hi there annon, Lacy here, yes I will miss having my mum so close but we will be fine, and we are not going to be very far away, a nice day drive is about it :-)

  2. *Wave* .... Hi Chris! (Just so you don't feel abandoned!).

    Am off to find a car to buy (oh joy ... NOT!! lol). Have a good day.

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Can never comment on my phone which is why I seldom leave a comment on here...and when I did the other day you didn't get any of them!
    Chuck all the shit out that's stored - you'll never miss it! :D :D Cranks

  4. Oh decluttering for storage that's always a big job perhaps a bigger facility then you all can share? Can you fit a shed anywhere on the property?

  5. Poor Teddy looking all messed up :)

  6. Nancy Keller, Shropshire, uk5:00 AM

    The dog groomer needs to be fired, if you ask me!! It is disgraceful that they even thought of taking money from you Chris! Look for another groomer,is what I say!


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