Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today around Midday, Lacy and Keera should be here.  Lacy is dropping off Keera then taking a bus to Tauranga to look at houses.

She is hell bent on leaving Auckland.  

So... having Keera for 4 days means no sleep ins.  Oh yaaa.  

I was just starting to enjoy them.  These last few days have gone so fast, it's Thursday already!  Count down to the start of school again too.
The kids have been REALLY good these holidays, there's not been a single day when I've felt like gagging them!

Well... maybe there has been upon reflection.

It always gets to me... how we can't wait for our baby to start talking, then as time goes on we wish they would just shut up!  When you have raised 8 KIDS, one's tolerance slowly gets eroded away... I DON'T RECOMMEND 8 kids to anyone.

Unless you are hard of hearing.

WOOD:  yep I bought a few pieces yesterday.  This is what I did with it:

ABOVE:  I cut them up and made them into tiered display thingees.  I haven't nailed them together, so I can rearrange them as and when I want to.  All the figurines are now held in place with Blue tack too, no more casualties having to be glued back together.

I must say though, Jiminy Cricket has healed very well!  You can't even tell he was broken.

OH and see my BRITTO Donald Duck plate?
I forgot I had it, I got it a couple of years ago.

Right, I've got a couple of things to do before Miss Muppet gets here, so I'll catch ya later.


HAPPY  2ND  BIRTHDAY TO BODHI.   I hope you have a wonderful day.

I've been massively busy this morning!  You couldn't get into the Dungeon (Store room under house) for love or money.  So, Griffin and I have de-cluttered it and OMG we have so much room down there now!

Just started on the understairs cupboard now.  Keera just arrived, and I shall stop for now and give her lunch I think.

TRACY:   Good question.  Lacy has a few friends in Tauranga, so she will have friends to help her with Keera, and we can go and pick Keera up for a long weekend every couple of months too.

My massive de-clutter of storage areas is pretty much finished.  I didn't find what I was hoping to find (2nd Black neck pillow), so it must be over at Lacy's somewhere.  I'm totally knackered now, even my finger tips are sore!

I'm expecting a blog friend shortly.  BLONDIE from Taupo.  Her real name is Sharon and she ain't blonde!  lol

Silly me!  Forgot to take a photo of Sharon and company, so I knicked one off her Facebook.

ABOVE:  Sharon and her son Samuel... the apple of her eye.  She's done an AMAZING job raising him all on her own.  He's Head Boy at his Taupo College, a real credit to her.

It was lovely to see her, and Samuel and his girlfriend Sharni.

Thank goodness tonight is takeaways, I certainly do not feel like cooking.

End of Day:  well dinner was nice.  Then we watched telly all night, looked after the kids and well... just the usual sorta night.
nite nite


  1. You've done a great job with the 8 kids. The display look good, in no time it will be filled.

  2. What you want to do now is stain that wood the same colour as the cabinet :-) will look, shall I say it... Mickey Mouse :-)

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I have 7 kids my youngest is 1 and my eldest is 16. So I know whatat you mean my tolerance for there bullshit is at the lower range of the scale lol. Im thankful my 3 teens well 1 of my 3 teens is very helpful around the house and with the younger ones. I think youve done an awesome job with your kids and with your figurine display .

  4. I think you've done an amazing job with your children - I had one and that was more than enough for me to deal with - more than that and they probably wouldn't have lived !!!! Having come from Africa where a lot of adults eat their young - I may have fallen into that category !!!! (Only kidding - I probably wouldn't have - OK - maybe wouldn't have !!!)
    Enjoy your day !
    Me xox
    PS - I hope those lollies are OUT OF THE HOUSE !!!!

  5. Just a question - why can't Lacy take Keera to Tauranga with her? She is going to have to get used to having her 24/7 with no respite if she moves there.

    1. Anonymous4:17 PM

      I have taken Keera with me yes only once but I still did, and as for having her 24/7 yes like I already do with the odd break witch usually Mum is more than happy to do, I have a dam sight more support in Tga to help me.

    2. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Get used to having my daughter 24/7.......
      I already do Tracy

    3. Anonymous10:29 PM

      No you don't. Stop playing the victim.

    4. Anonymous8:06 AM

      ^^^^ excuse if I don't have my daughter all the time, who do you suppose mum has her now and then for a weekend and apart from that it's ME

  6. Awww was loving seeing you Dante and Keera are so gorgeous, Teddy and Coco too! Griffin you are growing into a handsome young man, Brylee your cheeky smile and bright eyes! Chris your kids grandkids all stunning now I knows where ya live and was easy to find! A few more visits may be in order especially if Samuel moves to the BIG SMOKE!!

  7. Ya can pop one up of Samuel and Shani? Off me page if ya wanted.

  8. I deleted this comment by mistake:

    I have taken Keera with me yes only once but I still did, and as for having her 24/7 yes like I already do with the odd break witch usually Mum is more than happy to do, I have a dam sight more support in Tga to help me.

  9. Happy Birthday Bodhi. Glad to hear Jiminy Cricket is back in one piece. Good luck to Lacy finding a new home.

  10. What a handsome boy Blondie! WTG on raising him so well.

    My mom took my 2 at home yesterday until Friday. I spent about 4 hours gutting Trevor's room of all the crap in there. The back of my car is full to take to the hospice shop on my lunch.


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