Sunday, July 20, 2014


Dummm  Deeee Doooo.... slept in, then up getting Keera her milo and breakfast soon... washing on, showered, all that stuff.
So, a bit late for today's post.

SOCKS.  I am sure they have a life all of their own.  They 'walk'.  And hide.  And I just spent a while looking for me new socks.  I bought 3 new pairs.  Could only find one.   Found the other two eventually.  Bex has pilfered a pair and the other pair were under me computer desk.

We had a cat years ago named Wanda, she was an awesome cat. She nicked socks from our neighbours' houses!  We ended up with HUNDREDS of socks!!!  We even ended up in the local paper with her and her freakin' socks!

Anyway.... she was our last cat.  Losing her was 'it' for me.  We had already lost a few cats before Wanda, so I said 'NO MORE'.  

Dogs don't go walkabout, you can confine them to your section, so they are safe from being run over by cars.

Moving on....  Stew and I are nipping out a bit later to do the grocery shopping.  Steve and Bex are going to look after Keera for us.

Then after that, I intend dragging Stew out again for lunch, then I'm looking for a brazier.
We get heaps of paper and cardboard rubbish, and I want to burn it instead of putting it in the recycling bin.  We produce too much recycling rubbing!  If I burn as much as I can, we might just end up without an overflowing recycling bin every fortnight.

So, that's me plans for the day, what are yours?


LYNDA:  Tins, milk bottles, diet coke bottles, rubbish mail, packaging, cereal boxes, newspapers, paper, etc.   Remember, there are 7 people in this house, as opposed to your 2.

I am sure you are going to say you don't have tins, or milk bottles, or diet coke bottles (of course!) because you only use unprocessed food, cook from 'fresh' etc, and that is fine.  We are not all like you.

Don't you get a newspaper?  Buy cereal? Milk? 
Just about everything you buy comes in some sort of packaging... which you have to get rid of  surely? 

We have had a 'no rubbish mail' sign on our letterbox over the years, but it doesn't stop the buggers putting their junk in our mailbox anyway.   AND sometimes mailers are good as they let you know about Specials AT SPOTLIGHT !!!  lol

"CALM THE TRUCK DOWN?"  Really?  I didn't think my response to Lynda's comment was aggressive, if it came across as that, Lynda, I apologise.
There is ALWAYS two or more ways to look at the 'written' word Sarah.  I'm sorry you feel like I am an aggressive person. 

I AM a reactive sort of person, and that will probably never change, I am who I am.  If I feel 100% sure about something I will say so, even if it's just my opinion.  I am allowed to have an opinion... just as everyone is.

I have never said I know everything, ever.

Now... I have replied to your comment Sarah (as I am entitled to), and I hope you don't read this and think I am being aggressive towards you.

Sometimes I really do think having a blog is just opening yourself up to criticism.  I've been blasted for so many things over the years, it's no wonder I am reactive.  WHY DO I BOTHER DOING THIS... can someone remind me?

Moving on.... The groceries are done and all put away, Keera has had her lunch, so now we are going out to browse the mall and do a few other things.

***  Thanks Lynda.  We know each other far to well now to let little hiccups upset us unduly eh?  ***

Steve and Bex just did the 'Ice Challenge' that is going around Facebook right now.
Their videos will be on here tomorrow if you want to see them getting VERY COLD.  

Lacy should be back here soon.  Then we will take her and Keera home again.
I'm looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow!

I decided to have a little drink of me 'tipple' just now.  Bex asked me "what does it taste like?"

I said it was supposed to taste like coffee, but I can't taste coffee at all.  She tasted it, and said it DID taste like coffee.  I said nope, not to me it doesn't.

She said "What can you taste?"

My reply:

"TIPPLE"   lol  *smiles*

I don't get why they all laughed, nope, not at all.  *snigger*

End of Day:  a kinda busy day... it has been lovely having Miss Muppet here for the past 4 days I must say.  She's a dream toddler to look after!
Time to hit the sack, it's almost midnight!
nite nite


  1. What do you fill your recycling bin with? It takes me months to fill mine, I only put it out a few times!! Mind you I don't get junk mail (have a no junk mail notice on my letter box) but that wouldn't fill a bin.

  2. We end up with sack fulls of diet coke and milk bottles. We live in the country so have to take ours to the recycling centre.

  3. I too have the sock monster at my place! Rubbish and recycling I think most of us have the same problem!

  4. Yeah, even though we have a no junk thing we still get the odd stuff. Yes, we get local newspapers but don't buy any. I read the Herald and news online. I do have soda water bottles, wine bottles and some cans. Other than that then no other packaging. I realise you have a large household!! We are lucky though that we have these bins - remember those crazy little bins we had before the big ones? Everything blew down the road.

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Chris, Lynda asked you a simple question - calm the truck down! I don't know why she continues to put up with the aggressive way you speak to her but suspect, after years of reading both of your blogs, that it's because she actually cares about you! She's not the only one, many of us do but far out, many of us are sick of the aggressive way you respond to people who have a different opinion to you - we're allowed to think differently, that's what makes life so exciting and so interesting! Try chilling out a bit, Chris...and maybe even open up a bit to the idea that you don't know everything all the time - you might even find that life gets easier! From Sarah on mobile, hence the anon bit.

  6. Anonymous11:23 AM

    We fill up our recycle bin every week too. Would you consider drinking your diet coke in cans? Or do you buy the bigger bottles? You could get the kids crushing the cans for you :)

  7. Sorry Chris, I wasn't having a go at you... I think I'd just forgotten how different it is to live in a large household v a small one. I'm sure if I had seven people living here out bin would be much more full. Now I'm wondering how on earth you manage with the little rubbish bin we are given :)

  8. I did not take your reply to Lynda as aggressive. Your are a gal who speaks her mind straight out. To me your reply simply answered her question. There is no need for you "calm the truck down"!

  9. Anonymous5:55 PM

    My very words, Sarah, my very words! Good to see someone voicing their opinions! Gloria, Oz

  10. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Thank you Mum nd Dad nd co for having Keera for the weekend....was a very productive fingers and all other bits x'd lol Keera and I will be moving very soon :-)

  11. Third comment I've tried to post. Hopefully the others worked!

  12. Anonymous12:17 AM

    You're always on the go Chris, such a productive person. I wish I had your energy and organisation­čśÇ You will miss little Keera when they move and we will also. Good luck with the move Lacey I hope it all works out for you. You might need to start a blog or Facebook so we can all still keep up with you and Miss Keera we will miss you both­čś×

  13. Anonymous2:50 PM

    we fill our recycle bin even though there are only two of us............someone at my house drinks beer!!! I try to buy stuff that has cardboard or glass packaging as opposed to plastic, at least I can reused the jars when I make jam & other stuff!!!

  14. Hey, I've just been catching up on the blog. Teddy doesn't look that bad, I was more relieved that at least they didn't nick him. :/ Your new Britto things are very bright and cheerful - hope all well there.


  15. It amazes me that people come onto your blog and complain about how you respond to things. Why the hell do they read it if they don't like you? Makes no sense.


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