Monday, July 21, 2014


While the two big kids have been really good over the past two weeks of school holidays, I am very happy that they are back at school today.

It is good for them too... they were getting a bit bored.

I am going to do the usual housework this morning, then this afternoon I have my regular shift at the Hospice Shop.

I'm feeling really confident I can go there and NOT buy anything we really DON'T need too.

I've not spent hours going through all my stuff and getting it re-homed just to start building up the clutter again!

That's not to say if there was something there that was an amazing good buy, and it's something we can use I won't buy it!
Cos I will.

But fingers crossed I leave there with my wallet unopened!

Have you heard of the 'Ice Challenge' that is going around Facebook right now?
You have to douse yourself with icy water and nominate a few friends to do the same.  
If they do it, they have to donate $10 to a charity, I think it's the Cancer Society?
If they DON'T do it, they have to donate $100!

Steve and Bex got nominated by Bex's Mum, this is what they did:

They both jumped into the spa pool, which is freezing cold at the moment, and which had several bags of ice poured into it as well!

They did well!  Bex had been shitting herself all day over having to do it.

I'm proud of them both, but warned them that they were NOT to nominate me, as I simply would not do it!

Jump in icy water in the middle of winter?  I'm not mad.

That's about it from me for now... I'll be back later.


Something I forgot to mention.  I took photos of Teddy'd groom and sent them to the company that groomed him.
The owner rang me last night and apologised, said the groomer who did Teddy had been sick for two days and that was why he botched Teddy's groom.

I was not impressed, and told her so.  Teddy is now getting a free groom from them, the next time he's due for a groom.

That's a win for me I suppose.  Though, it will be the last time I take my dogs there.

It is very noisy here today.  There's a truck at one of our neighbour's houses, chopping  up trees and putting them through a wood chipper.  
Everyone is out, even Bex and Dante, so it's just me and the dogs.  

I am about to embark on housework... yaa .

DAMMIT!  I bought something. .. and my shift isn't even over yet...

Finally home.  It was FREEZING at work, as we keep the front door open for customers, the wind comes in and OMG it's cold today.

What did I buy?  Ummmm.... something that we don't really need... but it is going to be perfect for:
ABOVE:  perfect... for putting my BRITTO and other pretties in!
Now my only problem is finding a place to put it!
My house is already full to overflowing... WHY DO I DO THIS???


PRICE?  To be negotiated tomorrow with the Boss.

End of Day:  a freakin' cold day!  Seriously, have not been this cold in months!
I was happy to just sit in front of the heater this evening and warm up.
nite nite


  1. Haha well done guys. Poor Dante, didn't like seeing Mum do it. I would have heated the spa pool, poured the bucket over me then jumped in the hot spa pool.

  2. Watching Steve I wasn't convinced that was a cold spa. After watching Bex, I was! Good on ya!

  3. School yay for me to nearly 18 yr olds eat heaps!! Yeah Nash no ice challenge here either at -2 and -4 starts and just reaching 10 deg I DONT THINK

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Haha it was sooooooooo cold but im glade i did it and yea dante didnt like it at all haha bexs :)

  5. Anonymous5:47 PM


    Every time you buy something from the shop, just throw out something when you get home, that way to can still enjoy yourself! It is always hard to pass up a bargain! lol


  6. Ohh lovely wall unit!... so, how much??? x

  7. The wall unit is great....hope she gives you a great price.
    Steve and Bex were very brave to do the Ice Challenge.

  8. Every time I do a race the money goes to charity so I figured I was covered for that ice challenge ;)


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