Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Long story:

I was busy moving stuff around yesterday, de-cluttering all my ornaments etc.
I had put my three BRITTO porcelain figurines on the wall unit:

 ABOVE:  See?   Mickey, Minnie and Jiminy Cricket, and my two soft  toys, Tallulah and Eeyore. 

Then we had a mishap:

ABOVE:  I accidentally knocked Jiminy Cricket off the unit!!!  Both his shoes and his umbrella  were broken off!   I was beyond upset... and I didn't want Steve and Bex to see what I had done. (one shoe already glued back on in photo)

So, while Bex and Dante were out after lunch, I raced down to Sylvia Park to get another one.  Only, he was the last one they had.  So... I bought another figurine to replace him, and some porcelain glue to try and fix Jiminy.

 ABOVE:  I wondered how long it would take them to realise Jiminy Cricket had 'morphed' into Tigger?  *smiles* 

Oh I also bought Grumpy.... cos I was GRUMPY!

* Jiminy's shoes are now back on, and I will glue his umbrella on today.  It takes about 48 hours for the glue to set properly, so for now he's upside down in a bowl.

I was worried that Steve and Bex would be upset with me, but they were both lovely about it.  I've ordered a new Jiminy, which makes Bex happy as she wants to keep the 'broken' one now.

I wonder if she's thinking of collecting them too?

I think having a collection of pretties gives my family ideas on what to get me for me Birthday and Xmas that they know I  love!  Excellent idea.  Dummm deee dooooo....  (there is a broad range of BRITTO  things, with price ranges from about $10 up.)

Now... today?
I might go over to Lacy's, I want to find the legs to our bassinette.  I am giving it to a friend.
While over there, a wander around her local shops might be in order too.
'Just looking'... as I didn't expect to be buying a figurine,(or two), yesterday.  *smiles*


I'm not going to Lacy's after all.  Stew, the kids and I are going into the city on the train.  Stew has a lovely watch he got years ago in Wellington and it's battery needs changing.  It can only be done by a 'professional' due to it being a whizz bang watch.  (Tissot)

So, fun!  Off to town.  I'll take me camera and try to remember to take some photos while we are out.  It's finally a nice sunny day, after a week of stormy weather.


 ABOVE:   Sky Tower from Queen Street (main shopping street in Auckland CITY).  It was a gorgeous day.

ABOVE:   It was BUSY in the city.  We were constantly dodging people.

ABOVE:  Jason at Camera & Camera.  I asked him to check my camera, as I knocked it off the kitchen bench yesterday and put a dent in the rim of me lens filter.  He told me my camera was OK, and thank goodness I had purchased a lens filter, it saved my lens.

He also gave me a couple of tips on focusing.  I was having problems with that aspect of my photography.  I MUST read all the bloody instructions, and watch the DVD.  DOH!

 ABOVE:  Britomart, the MAIN train station at the bottom of Queen Street, Auckland.
It's a gorgeous building.

ABOVE:  Inlet leading into Orakei Basin.

ABOVE:  Griffin trying to look cool.... behind him, Orakei Basin.  It's a small lake, predominantly used for water skiing. 

ABOVE:  in Queen's Arcade where Stew took his watch for it's new battery, I found this shop!  It is full to the rim with amazing china, crystal and imported Russian 'stuff'.   I spent a fair bit of time in there, and just HAD to get something...

 ABOVE:  'Something'.  It's only little, hand painted Gzhel Porcelain from Russia.  If you ever want one of those Russian Dolls that opens up to reveal a smaller one, then a smaller one... and so on... this shop has DOZENS of them!
I don't want one though!  lol

ABOVE:  On our return trip home, we got off the train at Sylvia Park and we got another neck rest thingee, great for travelling with, or lying back on the couch with.  I had two, but have managed to lose one somehow.

We got home around 4pm... and since then have just been relaxing!  We did heaps of walking today and I am rather tired.

I did something when I got home that Stew has been 'gently' reminding me to do for a while.  I made another Doctor's appointment.

I reckon my hot flushes are WORSE since getting the blood pressure patches.  So, I'm going to see if there's something else I can take for blood pressure that does NOT accelerate my flushes.

I swear to god, I lose all ability to think straight when I'm having a hot flush now.  I just feel SICK.

Bex and Dante spent some time with Lacy and Keera today.

Keera fell out of bed and hit her head on the phone jack on the wall and cut her head. Apparently there was a lot of blood and Lacy panicked.   So, Bex wiped her head and inspected the wound.  Not bad enough for a trip to the Doctor, just a little cut and bruise.

If Lacy had been alone we have no doubt she would have either taken Keera to the doctor just up the road, or rung the ambulance!

Before the 'drama', the girls went and had a browse around the shops, and Bex got a couple of cute things from the Salvation Army shop:

ABOVE:  Yes, Bex likes 'nautical' things too.

It is nearly time to make dinner, Beef and Bacon stew.

End of Day:  well, dinner was lovely.  I make a mean as Beef/Bacon/Tomato stew if I do say so myself!
Spent the evening listening to TV while playing 2048+.  It's now 12.33 and I am finally heading off to bed!   I am ADDICTED to that game.
DON'T start playing it .... be warned!
nite nite


  1. That's why I don't have many breakables anymore. Between the kids and the animals they break everything!

  2. Chris my friend she puts blue tack under all her figurines to secure them etc, I love Tigger and grumpy glad Jiminey was salvageable. I am having so much fun on this tablet should have got one ages ago.

  3. Poor Jiminy:-(. Glad you all had a nice day in town, great to get out after all this crappy weather.

  4. My parents had this sculpture of a girls head. My little brother, sister and I knocked it off the table and broke her ponytail off. I glued it back on and I don't think my parents ever noticed, although it was quite noticeable!

  5. Sorry to hear about Jiminy accident. Looks like you had a very busy day. What lovely weather you have.

  6. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Love your photos of downtown Auckland - they are gorgeous. Love the photo of the train station and the tower. Just a FYI, here @ Disney World in Orlando those figurines of Jimny Cricket and Minnie and Mickey Mouse cost a fortune at the park! But they are cute. Marianne

  7. Looks like a lovely day!


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