Thursday, July 31, 2014


*sigh*  Bex wants to go to the park and feed the ducks.
She wants to drag me along too.... probably wants me to take photos.

So... I suppose we are going to the PARK!

I'm actually quite looking forward to it!  Maybe it's just what me sorry arse needs... some bloody EXERCISE.

Seriously, I think I took 50 steps yesterday.  I knitted.  All day.  I only got up to have a piddle.  And get lunch. Which was nice I might add.

So, today I shall do better.  I promise.  And I will take photos.
Of the kid.  And ducks.   Let's not forget the freakin ducks.

Fingers crossed it doesn't rain.  That would piss me off now that I've decided to go TO THE PARK.


I don't have any photos for the day... yet.
Watch for them.  They are bound to be of.... DUCKS.

Going now.  Be good.  Say hi if ya have a moment.  Or not.


Our morning walk... in no particular order:

ABOVE:  his nibs loved this tractor, but only to touch.  NOT to sit in the bucket. lol

 ABOVE:  A really lovely time to see the flowers, still with dew on them.

 ABOVE:  A hungry Tui.  He had the most lovely voice, when I heard it I knew right away it was a Tui.

ABOVE:  Sometimes you see a colour and think "it's fake"... but hold on!  Those flowers are real!  Amazingly gorgeous colour.

 ABOVE:  nice eh?

ABOVE:  Kate, just for you.  DUCKS!  

 ABOVE:  Another nice one.

ABOVE: Spring is near!

ABOVE: running around getting tired... GOOD!

ABOVE:  Walking over the bridge, perfectly happy. 

 ABOVE:  Then Mummy pointed out the water underneath the planks.
(silly Mummy!)

 ABOVE:  Frozen on the spot! I can see WATER!   OMG I might fall in !!!!!!

 ABOVE:  Save me Mummy!   Save Me!
I hope he's not scarred for life.  

 ABOVE: Fungus.  But interesting.

 ABOVE:  Just in case we didn't know what that was, it's spelt out for us.  Ta.

ABOVE:  Gorgeous eh?

Right, that's me done for now, off to watch yesterday's Home and Away!

CHRISTINE:  Spring here means less rain, warmer temperatures and FLOWERS!  It's still more winter here than summer, and in some areas of New Zealand they are under snow too.
That park (the Botanic Gardens) is about a 15 minute walk from our home, so yes, we are very lucky!

I finished the blue/white booties, and have started another pink pair, but in a different pattern.  It's one I've made a million times before (25-35 years ago).... can't wait to see them finished.

Bex is a bitch.   She poked me with a pin!  And I was kind enough to unpick some slippers her mother had made too long for Dante too.   Tart.

edit:  She called HERSELF a bitch, I was only echo'ing her!

End of Day:  a really lovely day.  It was so nice at the Gardens this morning, it kept me happy all day!
Dante is just so adorably entertaining now, he's just like a beacon of happiness.  How anyone can be grumpy around him is beyond me.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    It looks rainy out your way - and gee! I was SO looking forward to some duck photos. dammit.....

    ;) kittie444

  2. Morning mum hope you have fun at the park.

  3. Hi!!!! Enjoy your day.

  4. wonderful pics, Chris. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow lovely photos loved the bright purple flowers stunning. Hope the rest of your day is productive.

  6. the flowers were my favourite too, lovely pix. Funny enough, me and Corby went to feed the ducks today too. The weather here is so beautiful right now, sunny and warm. Strange winter...... xxx

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Great pics Chris!!! LOL @ Dante cracking it on the bridge :-)

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Great pics Chris!!! LOL @ Dante cracking it on the bridge :-)

  9. Hiya, definitely gorgeous pics…love em all.

  10. Beautiful!
    So that is your idea of "almost spring"? Wow. Here in Northern MN, Spring is melting dirty snow, puddles and slop. No flowers. No shorts. No Tui Bird. Is that park within walking distance of your house? You live in a wonderland, but I think you really do know and appreciate that fact!

  11. Beautiful photos Chris!

  12. I'd love to have your winters! Great pictures.

  13. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Your flora is gorgeous over there. Here in Florida we have palm trees and dead flowers now. It is sooo hot here. Marianne

  14. LOL on the water under the bridge pic


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