Tuesday, July 22, 2014


If I'm up in time I might just drive the kids to their schools, cos it's bloody freezing out there!

Then... home to quickly de-knot Coco's ears before she goes to the groomers.
Her ears are all matted thanks in no small part to Teddy constantly chewing her ears!

I'm 100% confident her groom will be beautiful, because the groomers at Takanini really do a fantastic job.

After dropping her off, I'm going down to the Hospice Shop to pay for, and arrange delivery of what I bought yesterday.
Then... home to do some housework, followed by some sewing I hope.

I hope it's warmer today!


Well, I was up in time to take the kids to school, but as it wasn't raining or THAT cold, I made them walk.
I took the knots out of Coco's ears and muzzel, then took her to the groomers.  I'm picking her up soon.

I am positive her groom will be beautiful.
I'm taking Teddy down too, to show them what was done to him.  It is awful, every time I look at him I feel so cross.

I've been down to the Hospice shop and arranged for the new wall unit to be delivered on Thursday, all going well.
Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put it!

STEW:  job for you.  The washing machine has sprung a leak.  I have water out the door onto the carpet!  But not as bad as last time.  Thank god.  Fix it will ya?  Ta.

ABOVE:  all groomed, Coco looks lovely. Typical post-groom, she's knackered! 
Teddy missed her and cried and whined all morning until she came home again.

Talking of 'Awwww'... got some cute photos of our toddler today...

ABOVE: he's filling out again, and he's certainly bounced back from being so sick, with attitude! 

 ABOVE:  He's channeling his Daddy .... being a right dick!

ABOVE:  Yes, he's a mini Steve for sure.
He's so very entertaining now!  Loves all the attention, and knows how to get it.

End of Day:  well another 'normal' day around here.  Really feeling the cold now, don't like it!
But, at least if you are cold you can put on a heater and get warm!
Off to bed now, it's 12.32 WHOOPS!
nite nite


  1. Its -3 here and only gonna reach 7 today the wind is cold and horrid.!

  2. Awww...dante such a cutie pie.

  3. OMG those blue eyes. Dante's blue eyes are amazing! xx

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Oh i love these photos and yea like father like son for sure = worn out mummy lol :) bexs

  5. Those beautiful blue eyes get me every time,

  6. That kid looks like a handful!


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