Friday, July 04, 2014


OK.  Would someone like to put their hand up and own up to sending me a parcel?  Inside was this:

ABOVE: One book I really should be reading!  It's full of advice and recipes, so I shall be having a good read of it.

Linda M.  I'm thinking it might have come from you?

One thing that made me literally 'laugh out loud' about it...

ABOVE:  After going on about New Zealand NOT being a part of Australia, what is the address on the parcel????  

It would appear someone in ENGLAND thinks I live in Australia too! (the book came via England)  
*snort, rather funny*

ABOVE:  I nicked this photo of Russell and Amanda's baby Liam, off Facebook.  It looks like they are getting on just fine.

I am looking forward to seeing Russell again on Sunday.

Today?  Shit a brick, I must do some sewing today!  I did bugger all yesterday except keep an eye on Dante.  OK, Bex was looking after him just fine, but I was so worried I couldn't go and sew and not know how he was doing.
So. I just sat around watching him or TV.

Today, once he's woken up, I hope he's much better and I can relax and sew.

Today is the last day of Term 2.  So the kids will be home for two weeks, starting this afternoon.  Ya. 

 ABOVE:  I wonder if they can just play chess QUIETLY for two weeks????   Hmmmmm.


Things are a bit up in the air for Dante right now.  He's still not well.... and Bex is ringing the Doctor at 9 am.  He seemed to be doing much better last night, but he's still not eating, and only drinking a tiny amount of fluids.
I'm worried.

Dante has to go back to the Doctors, and spend the morning there while they try to re-hydrate him.  If they can't get more fluid into him, he has to go to hospital.

NOPE.  Dr wants him in hospital... so we are leaving in a minute.

Now in Emergency waiting to be seen by doctor here.

Dante was seen by the Doctor and he said Bex was doing everything right and could take him home again!  So, we just have to keep pushing the fluids into him as best we can, and he should come right in a few more days.

Very hard though, when you can see how lethargic he is.  All he's been doing is sleeping or crying.  I hope he does pick up real soon cos it's really upsetting for all of us.

I am planning on sewing after lunch.  Steve is with Bex on their way home from the hospital now, he might end up staying home with them.  Not sure.  He's got heaps of work on...

I'm onto the binding!  This quilt WILL be finished by bedtime.  So happy about that.
Dante has had a little bit of food today and is having a good nap now.
I can't wait until he's into everything again, and yakking non-stop.

Steve went back to work mid-afternoon as he wanted to be there to say 'Goodbye' to one of the guys, who is returning to Samoa this weekend.

End of Day:  and... the Fern Quilt is DONE!  I finished it at 11 pm tonight.  I have to stitch the label on the back and run a sticky tape, roller thingee over it to get off any little bits of cotton and fluff... then I can wrap it up.
I might make a couple of matching pillowcases for it tomorrow too.
As for now... it's bedtime.  I'm really tired.  It's been a funny sorta day.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Get well soon Dante. Xox

  2. So sorry to hear about Dante - the only upside is that being is hospital is the best thing for him now because they will be able to re-hydrate him so much quicker there than you can at home.
    Yes, it was me that sent that - PMSL at them putting Australia in the address - it clearly said New Zealand in the address !!!!! I hope you find it an interesting read and do get to try some of the recipes.
    Sending lots of positive energy across the ditch !
    Me xox

  3. ohh no, poor wee lil man, hope he is better soon…such a worry when they are not well. xx

  4. Poor Dante :-(. I hope they get him sorted soon, it is such a worry when they are so ill.

  5. Oh man thats not good to read about dante. Hope he gets better soon. Sending good vibes.

  6. Penny1:58 PM

    Sorry to hear Dante still isn't bouncing back.While you have had him checked out by everyone, if you have any inkling things are not right, don't be hesitant in going back! With the weekend coming up it is hard to know sometimes (I once ended up in hospital on an IV because I wasn't sure if my kidney infection was serious enough to go back to the doctor - again). I am not surprised Bex was doing all the right things though - she is trained, as well as being a good Mum. Also, with the number of people looking out for him so closely in your house I imagine nothing will go unnoticed! Penny xo

  7. Anonymous2:16 PM


    Maybe call the Dr again and have him reviewed there?


  8. I do hope Dante improves soon can't wait to see the finished quilt. I am sure Russell will love it have a great trip down and weekend. YAY for holidays!

  9. My daughter bought that book a few weeks ago - I've not read it but did meet the author, Sarah Wilson, at the low carb conference I went to a couple of months ago. She was really lovely. I hope Dante starts to feel well soon, it's horrible seeing kids sick.

  10. OH poor Dante... I sure hope he is well and active soon!

  11. I confess, I did not send the book.

  12. You got that quilt done in record time....but I knew you would get it done in time to give it to Russell when you see him. I hope Dante is much improved soon.

  13. I hope Dante is feeling better today, poor little guy!


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