Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today we are celebrating Keera's 2nd Birthday with a family lunch.

I'm only expecting family as far as I know!
So, small but nice.

I'm getting the kids onto blowing up balloons and so on.
The guys can pin them around the room and I shall sit back and 'direct'.

Bex made the cake last night and will ice it this morning.

So, all is in hand.

Russell, Kelly and Rena arrived in time for dinner last night.
I fully expected Dante to not go near Russell, because Russell is literally a total stranger to him...

ABOVE:  how wrong could I be!  He warmed up to him really quick!  Russell just sat on the floor and smiled at him, and Dante talked to him, brought him toys to play with, and even gave his Uncle a kiss!

I was gobsmacked! The only other time Russell had seen Dante, was when he was a newborn.  So, he noticed the change!  lol

 ABOVE: Rena is looking forward to Christmas, when Santa brings her some new front teeth!

ABOVE:  funny look on Griffin's face I must say.

Right,  I better go and supervise party preparations!

Catch ya later...


ABOVE:  We have balloons. 

 ABOVE:  I think Miss Muppet had a nice day.  She loved her presents and kept saying 'MINE'... very cute.

I tried to get a nice photo of the 4 siblings, this is what I got:

 AHHHH .... NO

 STILL .... NO

*SIGH*... NO



Kelly and Rena just left, Stew is taking Lacy and Keera home a bit later, and Russell and his son Joshua are staying the night here.

Russell's 13 year old son Joshua lives here in Auckland now, so he will be able to see him lots now. 

End of Day:  a lovely family day.  Off to bed now... super tired.
nite nite


  1. Happy birthday to Keera. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday Party Day to Keera wow two years..... Lots of ups and lots of downs but you have survived . Well done Grandma and Mum!!! Have fun 😊

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Great pics of Russell and Dante...and wow Russell is a handsome man! Hope Dante cheered him up some and you had a wonderful party for Keera!
    Nicole in CA

  4. awwwwww Maybe Master Dante figured out his Uncle needs love and affection from a littly that's so damned cute! Rena and Griffin such a lovely photo party who couldn't love a party me FAIRY bread that's my favourite!!

    1. You may have point about Dante. He is such a gentle soul that maybe he just sensed some kiddie cuddles & kisses is just what Russell needed :-)

  5. Awesome. Enjoy the party Everyone

  6. Have a wonderful party with your beautiful family. Balloons look awesome.

  7. I think Griffin looks like his Uncle Russell!

  8. Nice party. Also good that Russell can reaquaint with Joshua too.

  9. Beautiful family Chris

  10. Lovely pictures
    Happy birthday Keera
    The blue Dresden Quilt is first class

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to Keera! Boy that was a fast 2 years!


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