Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hmmmmm.... today I was supposed to meet up with Lacy at the mall in Manukau and take Keera off her hands for the day, so Lacy could attend an appointment.

Seems that ain't happening now?  She's got her sister Kelly coming up and taking her and Keera to Hamilton... then Lacy is off to Tauranga for a few days, leaving Keera with Kelly.

Well.... I'm sure Keera will just love spending time with Kelly, Gordon and Rena.

That means our weekend is free after all, as obviously we won't be having Keera this weekend.

Lacy won't NEED 'time off' if Keera is staying with her Aunty for a few days.

Which is good as it's grocery shopping weekend and we don't like taking the kids with us.

Dumm dee dooo..... what to do today?  Might just make another one of these:

ABOVE:  one done!  How ADORABLE is that bootie???   I shall make the 2nd one today.
Someone better have a baby girl soon!

So... I'm walking down the hallway yesterday afternoon and I see a little bum....

ABOVE:  his nibs trying to get outside with Coco!!!  He got his hands down on the ground, but he just couldn't figure out how to get his legs out!  If he had pushed with his legs I think he would have face planted ... so just as well he didn't give it all he's got.
We shall have to keep an eye on the little monkey I think!

JACKIE MANTO:  I sent my first couple of quilts to a professional quilter... but it was SO expensive I decided to try QUILT AS YOU GO.  It is amazing!  I make a block, then add the batting and backing fabric and quilt it, then once you have all the blocks or pieces of your quilt done, you join them all up and quilt the sashings as ya go too.  (there's some good tutorials on YouTube)

My fern quilt was done that way, I quilted the middle fern block on it's own, then added the borders... quilting each section as it was joined on.

My machine DOES have some fancy quilting stitches, but I prefer to use a wavy line on most of the larger pieces and sometimes I stitch along the joins of pieces too.  On the fern I did some lovely fancy stitching down the middle of each segment of the fern to act as the 'quilting'.

I hope that answered your question, and sorry I forgot to answer it sooner.  Kinda forgot!

Weight issues:  stalled in the water like a windless day in a yatch!  Hopefully now that things are settling down in relation to a few variables in our lives, I can get myself motivated again.

I started up a Facebook Weight loss support group... and have kinda let it run itself lately!  So bad of me.
I am scared to even step on the scales today, I've been so self indulgent these last few days! Seriously, if I'm not eating, I'm spending money!

They seem to be my two main crutches when I'm teetering between depression and stress.  So frustrating.

How do you cope with stress and or depression?

Whoops, that got a bit heavy!  Better go before I say more twit-ish stuff...


My darling friend Anne Kean is really, really struggling right now... her health is causing massive concerns AND there is also family stress BIG TIME.  Can we all just send her some lovely messages and let her know that even though she's not blogging or facebooking right now, we still CARE?   I know I do ... very much.  THANK YOU if you do go 'visit' her.

I've had an awesome morning/lunchtime.  Finished the cute pink booties, got some good news from Stew, had a nice lunch, and it's warm inside!

I got one thing wrong in my post today.  Lacy is not going to Hamilton, only Keera is.  Lacy is leaving from Auckland tomorrow, and going to Tauranga.

Whatever.   I know Keera will be happy with her Aunty Kelly and Uncle Gordon, so all good.

ABOVE:  I am really enjoying making baby booties!  I wonder when I will have 'enough'?  *smiles*

I'll probably get the 2nd blue on done tonight... cos right now (4.55 pm) I think I will go downstairs and umm.... make my bed!  Just a bit late in the day...

BLONDIE:  no mate, they are quite little!
I have made bigger kids ones but not for a long time!

End of Day:  well, a productive day.  It was nice and quiet too... except for Dante playing that is!  He can be a ratbag sometimes, but a bloody cute one.
nite nite


  1. How nice you finally get a weekend maybe to yourselves, Hope lacy finds somewhere. Dante too funny if he gets out imagine the racket getting back in?

  2. I cope with depression with medication and I know when I have been slack about taking it because I get really emotional and my mood swings are horrendous. It's all related to hormones as well and I am long over due for another check up - just need to make the time to get and see the dr.
    If you are battling with stress and depression chicky dee - go and get some help. Honestly, it really is worth it in the end.
    Take care and sending heaps of hugs your way !
    Me xox

  3. I hope your friend feels better soon! Must be nice having the weekend to do as you like, very sweet of Kelly to take Keera.

  4. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Cheers Chick
    Jackie Man to, uk

  5. Just a stoopid question are those booties for adults CAUSE I want some!!!!

  6. Cute boots! (trying to figure a way to make that rhyme...

  7. Love the booties, you are a quick knitter. So crafty and good at types of things. Hope you find some way to perk yourself up. Take care.


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