Wednesday, July 09, 2014


My original thoughts for borders on my Dresden Plate Quilt were something like this:

ABOVE:  Option 1.

ABOVE:  Option 2, and... I've settled on OPTION 3!...

 ABOVE:  Option 3!

WELL? What do ya think?

It is very simple, it doesn't detract from the 'main' part of quilt, and I love it.  And it's not going to take me long to get it done either, and that makes me breathe a sigh of relief! 

I shall be making a full set of 4 matching pillowcases too.  Like illustrated above.  The fabric is just draped over the pillows in the photo.

Today?  Staying home and sewing... OF COURSE!  


We have had a really nasty night, gale force winds and rain.  Being in the garage made it a bit noisy AND windy!  There is a 'flap' type opening to the attic above the garage, and in the wind it clatters and bangs like mad, so Stew opened it.  So, every time there was a particularly strong blast of wind, we got blasted too!  Luckily, I didn't find it too cold, or I'd be mega crabby this morning.  

We can't have that can we?  lol

I've been doing various household jobs this morning, and hope to get to the quilt this afternoon.  Very excited to think it is going to be finished soon.

BLONDIE:  I LOVE the new look.  I'm not doing it so I can finish the quilt quickly, I'm doing it like that because I really like it.  I'm so thankful I've had lots of time to think and re-think the borders.

Before I embark on a long session in my sewing 'room', I'm doing something for Stew.  It's not something I would usually do... so I hope he's pleased.  
Any guesses???  *smiles*

Two clever tarts!  Yes, I did some ironing of Stew's.  I LOATHE ironing shirts, but I did his cos ... well... I had the iron out?

Just (finally) caught up on all the taped episodes of Home and Away... yaaa.

Now, back to the sewing...

Would you believe I have been sewing for ... like.... 6 hours straight!  And I've got to the stage where I can actually sew the border onto the quilt?
I did a 'little' something to the border and didn't leave it all blue after all.  
It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind eh?

I didn't even do much, but it still took me bloody hours!

I doubt I will get it finished tonight now.
Maybe by midday tomorrow it will be done... I hope!

Then I will make the pillowcases.  THEN I can really relax, knowing that the MAJOR UFO in my stash is DONE DONE DONE.

End of Day:  I can honestly say I'm  tired!  And that's weird as I was on me butt almost all day!
Oh well.  It's now 9.15 pm and I might just have my dinner now.
nite nite


  1. I love option 3!!!! So sophisticated and yet comfy looking!!!

  2. Definitely your best idea. It's a perfect choice. Makes the quilt look very classy.
    Hope you manage to get it finished today

  3. Lorraine H9:05 AM

    Yes.Option 3 definately.It does not distract you from the Dresden design.

    Southgirl x

  4. Yes option 3 is very nice.

  5. Love option 3! You are sew clever hehe.

  6. I much prefer option 1 then number 2 I feel like the all blue border is too heavy? I can see though I am outnumbered DON'T settle for quick and easy just to get it finished though and then have to unpick! The main pattern is so stunning.

  7. That's going to be fantastic, Chris! Love love love!!

  8. Anonymous10:57 AM

    I love the third option, I think that it was good that other projects distracted you, so that you kept playing with ideas.

  9. you're ironing his shirts?

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    you've nailed it with option 3. looks fab. know what you mean about a noisy night - where I live is rather noisy in high winds - thought the roof was gonna blow off last night LOL!!!!

  11. My pick is option 1. But you have to go with what you like.
    You certainly are talented.
    Are you baking Stew a cake?

  12. Love option 3…it looks stunning.

  13. You are ironing his work tops. Good wifey.

  14. Are you mowing the lawns?? :)

    I love all three of the quilts - they are all stunning. I'm glad you have found one that you are going to enjoy - both visually and in the making :)

  15. Sorry TRACY: I deleted your comment by accident, so here it is via me:

    Tracy has left a new comment on your post "THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING TODAY":

    I like your chosen option too. It was worth keeping at it until you were happy :-)

  16. Love them all - but prefer Option 1 or 2 - sorry. All stunning though - one clever woman!

  17. How do you do that? Post photos of the finished product when you're deciding which to make.

  18. I think it looks great! Wow, wow, wow!

  19. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  20. It looks fantastic - clever lady !!!


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