Sunday, July 13, 2014


The balloons we bought and blew up must have been cheap and nasty ones, because they started popping on their own... and made me jump and squeal!

Because I didn't fancy getting woken up during the night from popping balloons, I let the kids pop them all.

They rather enjoyed that little 'job'.  *smiles*

Today is going to be a nice quiet day I think.
We don't have any plans, I think Russell wants to take the kids to the movies.
Time will tell I suppose.

I'm off to suss out what I shall sew next!


Wow.  Steve, Bex and Dante have gone to Sylvia Park, Russell and the bigger 3 kids have gone to the park, and Stew and I are HOME ALONE!  
What to do?  What to do?  

Don't envy us will ya!

HOUSEWORK DONE.... then Stew and I headed out to Sylvia Park to have lunch and get some bread and milk.

When we got home I found this on my mantlepiece:

 ABOVE:   Jiminy Cricket!!!  Steve and Bex gave him to me.  How spoilt am I ?

ABOVE:  Now I have three of them.  I'm going to design a shelving unit to put on the lounge wall, to display my 'collection' of BRITTO figurines.  

What fun, they are so bright and cheerful.

2048+:  I'm STILL  on my first game!   It just goes on and on and on!  My score right now is something like 1,293,000!   I get close to losing, then I manage to claw back a few rows.  I'm worried I'll never finish it.

Stew has cooked a really lovely roast pork dinner, and I'm simply not hungry.  We had a lovely, but substantial lunch, so I gave dinner a miss.

The rest of the evening will be spent watching some telly, and sorting out all the washing that we threw in the drier.  It's been so wet we just had to use it.

End of Day:  feeling very sad for all the people who were affected by the storm up north, and to the family of the young woman who lost her life.  
nite nite


  1. HOUSEWORK??? HOUSEWORK?? Relax together lol

  2. Yes, make the most of your time with Stew without the kids.

  3. Judy Anastasios, IK2:04 AM

    OK Chris......I hate you!! You got me addicted to 2048 and now I can't stop. It's all your fault I can't get any housework done! Ggrrhh I am so close yet so far!!

  4. ((hugs)) Glad Stew has some time at home and you are able to see Russell again.


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