Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today the big wall unit I got from the Hospice Shop arrives... this morning in fact.

Then I can sort out what's going in it.

I plan on putting all our tinned/bottled food stuffs in the lower cupboards, thereby freeing up a whole lot of room in my half pantry.

That's going to be awesome.

I have worked out where it's going to go, and will show you once it's in place.  It took a bit of thought before finding the perfect place for it I can tell you!  It's not a small item.

Once it's here, Bex wants to go to Spotlight, so I shall tag along and drop off the photos I took of the Hospice shop to the Boss, as the shop is only across the road from Spotlight.

So, until later...


It' later!

The wall unit arrived bang on 9.30 and I'd just finished putting me face on.  LUCKY!

We put off doing anything with it until we'd been down to the Hospice Shop with the photos for the boss.

Picked up a nifty little tray thingee, will show ya later.

Once that was done, we came home and Bex and I set to work re-organising the kitchen cupboards, and putting all tins and 'surplus' grocery items into the wall unit's cupboards.

ABOVE:  fits perfectly there!  

ABOVE:  more kitchen storage, now my half pantry is for all the baking stuff and breakfast cereals etc.  Really happy with how it's worked out.

ABOVE:  Bex thought she didn't have enough wool....   YEAH RIGHT!

Well... been a little while since I hopped on here today!
Bex now has heaps of new wool, I have her a shit load of mine!

Dinner:  KFC tonight, being our 'takeaway' night.  Thursday nights are wonderful, no cooling for me.

GEORGINA:  You can't see in my two fridges and 3 freezers at all the other food we have... correct?  We do not only eat tinned and processed food Chick. 

(was that being 'aggressive' in reply people?)

End of Day: well a neat day, I am really thrilled with the new wall unit, it is awesome.  Even the kids noticed and thought it was cool!
Expect Steve, who reckoned he could have made it for so much less $$'s.
But, I wasn't prepared to wait 10 years for it....  lol!

Time for bed. I'm seeing double tonight... tired.
I hope I get a better sleep tonight, last night my back caused me to have a very restless, uncomfortable sleep.
nite nite


  1. I love it when new stuff arrives! I usually go to the UPS office to pick it up sooner than they can deliver it. Can't wait to see the photos of the gigantic wall unit!

  2. Ohhhh that's such a good idea happy sorting happy shopping.
    Another freezing day but sunshine a plenty.

  3. And now your precious figurines are safe from nasty falls as well! Bonus!

  4. Georgina Alastair, London6:55 PM

    Your cupboard is full of processed tin stuff Chris, which they say is really really bad for you. Full of sugar, spiking up all the numbers in blood results. Not good for you or the little ones.
    Regards, Georgina AlastIr, Streatham Vale, SW16, London

  5. What a great idea Chris…
    Love the cupboard, the wood colour is beautiful.

  6. Anonymous1:59 AM

    If that's all the tins for a household of 7, I would completely ignore the comment re: processed food. Particularly given a whack of them appear to be tinned tomatoes which I know we couldn't live without (curries, pasta sauces etc). Liz


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