Monday, July 14, 2014


Well... he is.
He took Friday off, and Monday and Tuesday of this week, to spend a bit of time with the kids during the school holidays.
Today he's taking them to the movies.  I have no desire to watch Dragons being trained, Part 2!

So, while they are watching dragons, I'm going to have a wander around the mall, suss out some wood at Bunnings, and just fill up a couple of hours.

Wood?  Yep, I want to get some wood to make a shelf type thingee for the lounge wall, to put all me gorgeous BRITTO figurines/soft toys etc on.
Steve said he would make it for me.

Did you see the 3 BRITTO figurines I got?  Stew bought me two, and Steve and Bex bought me one too.  Photos are on yesterday of Jiminy Cricket (from Steve and Bex), and  Mickey and Minnie Mouse (from Stew). 

MAGGIE:  YES, I am using my Dresden Plate Quilt on my bed.  I love it too much to fold it up and keep it for 'best'!  Best may never come eh?

Right, that's about all I have for now, no photos for the day yet either...


Famous last words.

The family are going to the movies this afternoon, instead of this morning.
I have decided to NOT make a shelving unit for the wall ... I am going to use a lovely rimu shelving unit I already have.... SO... that means I have to de-clutter my ornaments and serving platters etc.

YES.  I am getting rid of a whole shit load of 'stuff'.
Last time my Mum was here she said I was a 'hoarder'... well I don't think I'm one of those, but I DO have far too much stuff.

I have grabbed 5 of my cane baskets, and I'm putting things in each one, for my kids.
Russell dips out as he has no need for ornaments at this stage in his life.
When he is settled again I shall give him a few things.

FINISHED!   It took a few hours, but I feel it's a good job done.

 ABOVE:  5 full baskets of ornaments and so on for the kids.

 ABOVE: This wall unit was down by the front door, but we moved it, and it looks neat there.  

ABOVE:  The front door area now, with a smaller cabinet there.

Now it's about 2.30 and I might just stop and have some lunch.

Oh and I've had a very quick trip out myself... but more on that tomorrow.  It's 'lips sealed' for now.

After lunch my batteries ran down... so I just stayed on the couch playing 2018+... the demon game!

Stew and the kids had a nice time at the movies, and Stew even cooked dinner for us!

I am enjoying having him home ... lol.  *smiles*

Criminal Minds starts again tonight... yaaaa!  We all enjoy that programme.


  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Ha ha first in first served :) xx bexs

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hi Chris,I agree you're not a hoarder just love gorgeous things.i did the same last year,I made up two boxes for our girls but on the condition they took every thing in the box,if they did'nt want some thing they found a friend who did. Love you're blog I'm about you're age so it's great to read how you deal with every day life,it helps.Jo

  3. Omg you've still got the rooster! Awesome. I'm wrapped.

  4. Doesn't Criminal Minds scare the life out of you? I can't watch it on my own. I love it, but if have to have some one with me.

  5. Penny8:30 PM

    Love Criminal Minds! xo

  6. Looks like you had a lovely celebration and a wonderful weekend. I did a huge declutter a year ago. Need to do another round. Nothing better then getting this cleaned and organized. Have a good week with the kids home from school.

  7. Looks good! I went through a bunch of stuff last week and need to do some more. I tend to put things in drawers and then forget about them.

  8. Love the cabinet and figurines lucky kids what a nice thought a basket of goodies.. And a declutter at the same time. My laptop died AND the thought of no internet was all too much, my mum bought me a tablet I am using it now I LOVE it but boy the horror of missing out on news and blogs was frightening. It even finishes my words for me....


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