Wednesday, July 02, 2014


DANTE:  fingers crossed he's a lot better today.  Poor bubba, so ill yesterday.  I lost count of how many times he threw up or filled his nappy with pure liquid.

So.  Here's hoping there is a big improvement today.

Edit:  I went out to the airport last night with Amanda and Andrew.  We picked up Russell.  

His return to New Zealand is the last thing he wanted to happen, but if you are a New Zealander in Australia without a job, you are screwed.  You do not qualify for any sort of benefit/welfare unless you have been there for a decade or more, so ... after his job ended and the breakup of his relationship, he had no choice but to come back here.

I have no doubt he will go back once he's got a few things sorted out... because his two babes are there, and he ADORES them with all his heart.

TODAY:  well... because I didn't get to bed till around 2 am, I am going back to bed for a couple of hours.  I'm knackered.   Once I'm up it will be more of the usual stuff.  Sewing. I really want to finish Russell's quilt and give it to him on Saturday. 

Right, that's me for now, I'll leave you with a couple of photos:

ABOVE:  Dante fell asleep on the floor of the family room last night... and he slept for two hours, which was good as he needed it.  Sleep is the best thing for a sick bubba.
And it was good because his Mum and Dad could keep a close eye on him.  

ABOVE:  my dogs are sick ... I had to take a photo cos it's not that often that Coco joins Teddy in licking my feet!   Luckily, it was before my morning shower!  lol


CRANKY:  yep, I had already seen and read that article.  It is outrageous that Australians living here are entitled to welfare benefits, medical help and so on, yet it is not the same for Kiwis in Aussy.  

I got up just before 10 am, and am now going to sew.  Catch ya later...

Dante update: he seems much better today, hungry, wanting to chase the dogs (a sure sign he's on the mend) and is now having his morning nap like 'normal'.  He was constantly thirsty overnight, so Bex was up and down giving him little sips of water.  Fingers crossed he continues to pick up.

Right, back to the freezing cold garage I go... to sew... oh... I rhymed.  *smiles*

Spoke too soon, Dante is still vomiting... though as it's the first chuck for the day, he's IS doing better than yesterday!

I've not managed to get much sewing done what with one thing or another.  For a start I needed to re-fill all me bobbins for the sewing machine, that took about an hour!

Nothing worse than running out, that's why I have 30 bobbins.  *smiles*

Dante is worrying me.  He's still not eating, if he drinks something he throws up and he is still producing pure liquid bowel motions.  I think Bex will be taking him to the Dr tomorrow?

I hope so anyway.

I am devoting my entire evening to sewing the Fern Quilt for Russell.   I'm feeling like I'm almost on the home front!

One more long side border, then binding and finished.
Maybe by tomorrow!

CRANKY:  good on ya girl.  Nice to know there's a few Aussies out there who do care.

I was appalled to find out 'personally' that kiwis could die on the streets of Australia because they don't qualify for any help if they lose their job.

End of Day:  I have the worst backache, now I'm 100% sure it's from sitting at the sewing machine all day.  Dammit.  As soon as Russell's quilt it done I think I will take a couple of days break from sewing, and get out walking the dogs again.

nite nite



  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Not many of my comments have been published recently either...might have to stick with commenting on FB. Situation with NZ nationals living here with no financial support has got very bad, lots of homelessness in Sydney and GC especially. Doesn't hell when NZ government was paying for one way tickets for them! Cranky

  2. That should be HELP not HELL! I read this article last year and it was heartbreaking

  3. Yes, not good. I have only managed over here without work because David is working and we are in affordable family accommodation. Luckily I found some more work recently! Must blog about it. I am grateful I can access Medicare. I know you are all onto it but just saying it anyway for my own piece of mind: I hope Dante is not getting too dehydrated. Sounds like he can't keep anything down, so what you can do about it will be limited. Hope he is on the mend. I also hope now Russell is home he can have a bit of a break, some family love around him and a chance to regroup. I know he wants to be in Australia long term near his kids, but there is nothing like being able to go home to family for a stint when you need a boost. Penny xo

  4. Poor Dante - he does look like one sick little bubba !!!!! I hope he feels better today.
    Have the best day you can !
    Me xox

  5. *peace of mind! That's what you get for typing a comment quickly as you should be running out the door... xo

  6. I can't see the Oz government changing their stance either! crazy much. Poor Dante kids always seem to bounce back quick but he has been sick quite a few times of late.... Another Tropical day here NOT.

  7. Hope all works out for Russell eventually, being with his family to regroup will help.

    Naw…poor wee Dante, hope he is better today.

  8. Anonymous12:56 PM

    We have a reciprocal medical arrangement with NZ so NZ citizens are entitled to medical care here. Considering 15% of your population is now living here (650,000 in 2013) I can understand why our government is reluctant to give them other benefits! There's only about 6,000 of us living over there! :)

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      It may be 15%of NZ population....but that number only equates to 2.8% of Australian still does not make it clear why there can not be more reciprocal and equal benefits to NZ'ers in Aus and Aus in NZ. Citizenship should cover both countries.

    2. Anonymous6:22 PM

      Have you read our policy on refuges? We're hardly fair or sympathetic if our Government is anything to go by! :( Forgot to sign my name above, didn't mean to be's cranky

    3. Penny8:06 PM

      Also, from what I understand, you can permanently emigrate to Australia far more easily as a native of most other countries (I am not talking about the refugee situation here - I am talking about standard immigration, and I do appreciate it is easier for some categories of worker/nationalities than others). My sister has been married to an Australian for five years, has three Australian born children, has worked and paid tax here not in NZ - and still can't even apply for permanent residence without jumping through a large number of hoops, waiting another 5 years and paying thousands of dollars. I am not arguing she should necessarily be able to become a resident more easily than natives of other countries - just that it shouldn't be that much harder given the relationship between NZ and Australia. It doesn't apply the other way. Penny

    4. Anonymous8:39 PM

      Quote "Citizenship should cover both countries" - Anon 2. Yet most New Zealanders I know make it very clear that they are NOT PART OF AUSTRALIA, in fact Chris even has these exact words on this page. The Australian Government treats it's own citizens like rubbish welfare I wouldn't expect any changes to other countries any time soon. Anon3 :-)

  9. Ohhh poor Dante. And poor Russell! I hope he is able to get on his feet soon.

  10. Penny7:58 PM

    Chris, Bex, Steve: just wondered if it is worth ringing the 24 hour Healthline for advice re Dante? I know Bex has a nursing background but might be good for peace of mind? Penny xo

  11. Sorry about Russell, I know all too well the woes of immigration issues.


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