Wednesday, July 23, 2014


About a week ago, I was lying in bed at around 1am and all I could hear was rodents scurrying around above my head in the attic/loft space above the garage.

It freaked me out, I had visions (nightmares!) about some rat or mouse falling through a light fitting onto my head!

So.... I got Stew to buy some rat/mouse poison and put it in the roof!

Not heard a single noise since then!  Yaaa... I'm so relieved.

I keep thinking I should climb the ladder up there and check out what they were eating?
Or maybe they were building nests?

MAYBE NOT ... scared I'd fall off the bloody ladder actually!

It's freakin' freezing again this morning.
I would love to stay in bed... but nope, got shit to do.

Kids off to school, then a bit of housework... and then I'm going to meet Lacy and Keera for a wander around a mall then have lunch.

After we've done that, I'm taking them home and doubling back to do a job at the Hospice Shop.

I'm taking photos of our 'back room' for the boss.  She is having trouble with the lady who is supposed to keep the shop supplied with stock.
WE HAVE NO STOCK ... haven't had any deliveries to speak of for weeks and it's starting to seriously affect our daily sales.

So, taking photos is 'evidence' for the records/paper trail my boss is accumulating.
Seems this woman has a vendetta against my boss and wants her OUT.  So starving the shop of stock is how she's going about it.

SO WRONG.  And hopefully her actions come back and bite her on the arse.

So, that's me plans for the morning and first part of the afternoon.

I'll be back once I'm home again. 


Well today hasn't quite gone to plan.
I did meet up with Lacy and Keera, but we didn't have lunch at the mall.

I bought strong pain killers and came home again.

WHY?   I did a really dumb thing.  I lifted up a heavy cupboard and put it on top on another unit... and it wasn't until about 10 minutes later that I realised I'd done me lower back in.

WHOOPS.  I couldn't even BREATH without pain.

Stupid me.   The painkillers have kicked in now, so I'm feeling OK-ish... for now.

Lacy is at the Doctors, Keera has had a midday nap and now her and Dante are running around the house making lots of noise. 

Once Lacy is back I am taking her and Keera home, then calling into the Hospice Shop... as I had planned to this morning.

Bex is making dinner for me now too.   I don't think I should be doing too much for the next couple of days, to give my back time to get over whatever I did to it.  Derrrrr.

I left the house at 4 pm, ducked into the shop, took a few photos then took Lacy and Keera home.  I got home just now at 6 pm!  The traffic is just crazy at this time of day/night!
A trip that should have taken me maybe 1 hour, tops, took 2 hours!

Lucky Bex is doing dinner, cos if it up to me we'd be having dinner at 8 pm.

End of Day:  well Bex did really well making dinner tonight.  She made her version of Beef 'n' Bacon pie, and it was easily as good as mine, maybe even better!
Watched the tv all night, trying to be kind to me back so it doesn't kill me again tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Always some kind of drama in every kind of enviornment!

  2. I've heard scurrying overhead lately too. Awful to think what they're up to up there! Make sure you check your garden for dead rats/mice as they go in search of water after they're poisoned. We found two big rats in our back garden last time I declared war on them!

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Does the shop have no stock because you buy it all... ha ha :-) Just kidding! Your hospice shops look so much nicer than most of the charity shops I've visited around Perth. Hope your back is okay - I used to throw my lower back out all the time, swore by Voltaren anti-inflammatory tables for getting it better. Prescription ones were better as stronger than over the counter! Liz

  4. We had one at work. The girl who works for me saw it. We tried to find it again (I supervised from a safe distance). The boss trapped it when he got home from holiday & released it at the reserve. I can't stand them.

  5. You could donate stock he he!! Yeah nah AKLD never miss that but love the hustle and bustle of cities if that makes sense. Take more pain killers if you need to, or booze!

  6. Hope your back feels better very soon. I slipped a disc about 3 mths ago and had physio. I was told to keep moving as much as possible without causing more pain. It seemed to work for me. Mine was done lifting the lawn mower out of the shed to mow the law. Very silly thing to do but I know there will be times when I need to do it again. Can't stop lifting for ever!!!

  7. Ewww rats! You might want to retreive the rat bodies before they start to decay and stink.

  8. Oh no! Hope your back is feeling better soon. I over did it on my leg work out the other day and I've been hobbling around every since.


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