Monday, July 07, 2014


Well... how about I show you what I got yesterday?

ABOVE:  a wall of batik fabrics!  It wasn't too hard to grab 'a few' ... I was only in the shop about 40 minutes, and these are the batiks I got:

ABOVE:  14 of them!  I plan on making a quilt similar to Russell's one, only with more blues and turquoise in it... hence 7 differing blues/turquoise.

ABOVE:  This is the one I love the most.  
I got 1 metre of each of the batiks, and 3 metres of the gorgeous turquoise one above.

ABOVE:  Stew had a look around and spied these fishy fabrics.... so we got some of them too.  Stew should have stayed out of the shop... it was him encouraging me to buy more!

When I gave Milton the little mug rug as a 'Thank You' for letting me in the shop on a Sunday, he asked if I liked doing Applique?  Of course I said "Yes".  Next thing I know he's handing me this fabric:

ABOVE: He said he was issuing me with a 'Challenge'... to applique something on it...  apparently Milton can 'see' a pukeko on it!  lol
So, that will be another project for me in the next few weeks.  *smiles* 
I might add, he gave that fabric to me, I didn't have to buy it!

After the fabric splurge, we headed back into Hamilton to have lunch, and we had a quick-ish wander around Chartwell Square.

ABOVE:  There is a gift shop in Chartwell Square that I always visit, Catherine's.  I found these gorgeous melamine trays, to add to my collection!  
They are, by far, the nicest ones I've seen.

ABOVE: When I unwrapped them to show Steve and Bex, Dante saw them and thought they were for him!  He wanted them and I couldn't say no.  He's been so very sick lately that I would give him anything to make him happy.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex got him a new toy car, which he loves, and he spent ages playing with me on the floor with it and the bird trays.

ABOVE: You can't see it, but he is covered from head to foot in a red rash, most likely Roseola,   caused by a viral infection, on top of the Gastroenteritis AND his ear/throat infection!  He's been one very sick little boy.

Now that he's on the mend, we have to fatten him up again.

ABOVE:  5 cute little paua shells, they have been lightly painted on the outside and covered in a clear polish.  They are gorgeous ... I had to get them!
Who doesn't need more dust catchers?  lol

ABOVE:  Lastly, because she's had a really tough 10 days with Dante, I got Bex this lovely candlestick.   She loves it.  Cool.

Right, that's me for now.  I am trying to make up my mind on whether I shall go to the Hospice Shop today or not.  If I do, I'll have to take Brylee and Griffin.  I don't want to leave them with Bex as she has her hands full with Dante right now.

We will see....


Griffin woke up, started to open the curtains (his morning job) ... then ran to the bathroom and threw up.  


Steve is also feeling a bit ill.


I think Dante might have shared his tummy bug!


Lacy:  don't blame Griffin!  If he has the bug and passed it on to Keera, that's just how it is.
I could get it and pass it on to her.  Any one of us could.   As Griffin is now feeling a lot better already, I think maybe he doesn't have the bug. 

Russell liked his quilt very much, and was looking forward to putting it on his bed to keep him warm.   

Griffin is already feeling better, NO idea why he felt sick this morning.  Fingers crossed Dante's bug doesn't go through the lot of us! That would be really peachy.. NOT!  lol

Because of the bug's possibility of being passed on, I decided it would be prudent if I stayed away from the Hospice Shop today.
I didn't want to take the kids with in case they were sick.  Luckily, I feel just fine.  
I hope they are not 'famous last words'!   I don't do throwing up too well.

I've managed to read a few blogs, and watch a little TV too while having lunch.  I put my new fabrics on the TV cabinet so I could look at them some more.  I know, I'm a sad git!

Wow I didn't realise I'd not updated since lunchtime!
Well... it's been a pleasant afternoon/evening.  Dante continues to improve, he's getting more energetic and eating a bit more.  
He is now in bed having a good sleep hopefully.

I did Chicken Teriyaki over rice for dinner, it was rather yum.

End of Day:  I can't believe I did no sewing today, but something tells me I shall be doing some tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. I'm so jealous!! The shop is like a candy store. You want a bit of everything! Milton is awesome isn't he. That fabric does look like Pukekos. I bet he was pleased he opened up. I miss my trips to Morrinsville.

  2. ohhh noooooo not another round of the pukes!

  3. oh beautiful fabrics AND those trays are gorgeous love them the most, BUT where is the quilt (Fern pics)? Oh dear your poor family sick is the pits glad Dante is on the mend....

  4. ooohhh I see it on the other post VERY nice Russell looks well considering, nice photos of you all and the photobomber too!.

  5. Love all the fabric - enjoy your projects whatever they turn out to be !
    Me xox

  6. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Oh you have got to be joking....griffin was giving Keera kisses yesterday.....

  7. Glad to hear Dante is on the mend, but oh no if it is starting to spread through the family. I hope everyone is feeling right soon.
    Love your fabrics.....can't wait to see what they turn in to.

  8. Lovely pics Chris, looks like you had a really nice day out :)

  9. Oh no! Those tummy bugs rip through everyone so fast! Hope everyone feels better soon. Those batik fabrics look amazing! Imagine if you could have a wall like that. Excitement! I could stand there and look at the colours all day. Not necessarily to work with any of them - I couldn't choose which one to cut first. :D

  10. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Quilt looks awesome!!! Lovely to see Russell smiling in your pics. Loved the Griffin photo bomb!!! Glad to hear Dante is on the mend - hope you don't all end up with the bug, but that's just how it goes sometimes. xo

  11. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I wasn't 'blaming' him I was just saying....gessssh....keep ya socks on

  12. Wow, bonus with the material! Milton is a real find, isn't he!

  13. The stomach flu is so contagious,you cant blame anyone if they pass it on-it is really out of their control! Hope both Dante and Griffin get better soon. How did Russell like his quilt? It is beautiful,you are so talented!

  14. Shopping!.... Love that candlestick xxx

  15. I hope everyone is well super soon! Crazy bug, just what you need. I am glad it is running its course with Dante though. He needs to get better. :)

  16. Milton sounds like the coolest guy, and obviously passionate about his shop and crafts. Glad Dante is feeling better and I hope Griffin doesn't get it, or anyone else in the family.

  17. Glad to hear Dante is finally coming around. Hope you all stay healthy. Looks like a super busy weekend. Love the finished quilt.


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