Thursday, July 03, 2014


"New Zealand, it's in the South Pacific... and it's NOT a part of Australia!  We are home of the All Blacks rugby team, the Kiwi (bird, but can't fly) and lots of bloody neat people!"

THAT is a direct quote from my blog's sidebar.  I put it there years ago so that my readers would understand that, contrary to what they thought, New Zealand is it's own country, and not just another State of Australia.

I did NOT put it there to highlight anything like differing reciprocal benefits/welfare/medical aid etc, as was discussed on my blog yesterday.

That had nothing to do with my sidebar explanation of WHERE New Zealand IS.

I hope that cleared that up ANON?

Moving right along... Dante might be going to the Doctor first thing this morning.  I have told Bex to just take him if he's no better, and not to worry about ringing and making an appointment for later in the day... just go.  They will see him straight away, our clinic is FANTASTIC when it comes to sick babies/children.  They do not make them wait if at all possible.

Poor bub, while he wasn't throwing up as much yesterday, he was certainly not a happy boy.   He clung to Bex all day and didn't want anything, not even his much loved Granddad.

So if she ends up taking him to the Doctor, I hope they can give him something to help his tummy.

We were going to Hamilton on Saturday to see Russell, then go over to Morrinsville to a fabric shop there that sells a huge range of Batik fabrics.
I've been there once before, and had a whale of a time.  

KAREN:  you might remember that while I was there Milton let me email you from the shop to skite that I was there?  We had some fun with you.

Anyway....  I rang the shop yesterday and Milton (the owner) told me that on Saturday most of his stock would be in Napier with him, as he was attending some sort of Expo.  So I was crushed, thinking I would have to put off going over there until a month or so, as he is away for a few weekends in a row.

BUT !  .... Milton said I could pop in on Sunday and he would open the shop for me!  I was like "REALLY?  OMG thank you so much!"  
He even gave me his home telephone number so I could ring and make sure he was at the shop when I got there.

How AMAZING it that?  What a lovely man.

ABOVE:  Milton and some of his batik fabrics, and his t-shirt... which I love.  It says (in case you can't read it) "I'm MILTON.   I sell fabric.   Your husband won't like me!"  

Very funny... and true.

So, we are going to Hamilton and Morrinsville on Sunday now.  I'm really happy and looking forward to getting my hands on more batik fabric.  Of all the fabrics you can buy, batiks are my favourite by far.  

Now, as for today?   Sewing!  There's only three days until I want to hand that quilt over to Russell.

Oh I just remembered!   I shall be going down to the Hospice shop to find some warm clothes for Russell.  He's not got many clothes, and as he's living in Hamilton, he needs warm stuff.  It's bloody freezing in Hamilton over winter.  
Funny that, as it's only slightly over an hour away from here, yet it's so much colder there.

Right, that's me for now... I've got stuff to do!
Like get the washing off the clothes line outside and put it through the washing machine AGAIN.  It's been out there for days in the pouring rain.  *sigh* FUN.


Dante:  off to the Doctors we went.  Home now with Pedialyte and more panadol.  Hopefully we can keep his fluid intake up, or he's got to go back.

I'm now off to find clothes for Russell.
And I've got the headache from hell... so better take a pill or two myself.

Well... I got lots of tops/sweatshirts for Russell... but no trousers.  He might just have to get some on the weekend, when we see him down in Hamilton.

I've done NOTHING else all day.  Feeling really ikkkk myself, headache lingering.
So much for sewing today!  

Bex has only managed to get 15 mils of fluid into Dante today, so it's not looking good.  

MIGHT HAVE TURNED A CORNER.... Dante just ate a few crispy noodles and had a little drink of juice.  Fingers crossed it doesn't all come back up again!

ABOVE:  all the different drinks we have offered him today!

ABOVE:  we tried getting him to eat some marshmallow ... and he did have a tiny mouthful.  I hate to think how much weight he's lost in the past few days, I can see it in his face.

ABOVE:  eating a crispy noodle.  At this point we don't care WHAT he eats, as long as he does eat something!  

ANON:  There is NOTHING wrong with giving a sick kid Poweraide, particularly if you are desperate to get some liquid into them.  We have tried him with bottles of :  flat diet coke, flat Sprite, Juice and  Pedialyte!  

Luckily, he seems to have held down the noodles and some juice.  *huge relief*

End of Day:  well... Dante seems to be on the mend finally, even though as I type this he's awake and crying, and mega crabby.
Might be another long night for Steve and Bex.
As for me... I'm off to bed in a mo.
nite nite


  1. That's our Milton Chris. He goes the extra mile. Leave Stew in the cafe! Hehe Milton travels around the country and sets up in halls for the day. Have to arrange for him to come back here. Say hi to him from me.

  2. Lucky you chris luv Milton wrights fabrics he's a very accomadating man 😊 . Hope Dante gets to the docs this morning. It's damn freezing here in Auckland this morning that's for sure. Have a good day ☺️

  3. Ohhh poor Dante and Bex feeling sick is the pits really is. Russell will probably hibernate for a day or 2 AND acclimatize cause another 2 hrs on from Hamilton it is polar freezing! brrrrrr the sun is shining but at -3 start not pretty....

  4. Poor Dante, hope he doesn't get dehydrated. I use to get my kids to such on iceblocks. Hope he gets something from the Drs.

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Love that photo of me and dante i stole it hahahaha not bad for 3 nights of hardly any sleep :)

  6. Sorry to hear that Dante is still not feeling too good. Another way of getting some liquid into little people when they aren't too good is lemonade popsicles (the mini ones are great) - sometimes licking something like that will help get some fluids into them in an indirect way. I've seen hospitals use them as well like this. I hope he's feeling better soon.

  7. ((Dante)) poor baby boy! Hope it clears up SOON, that is no fun!

  8. Anonymous5:55 PM

    I know this is going to sound like not such a good idea, anyway when my kids vomit and so on. I give them powerade as it haa that electrolyte in it and rehydrates my kids fast and they actually drink it.

  9. Lucozade is also good for sick kids. I hope the poor wee mite is feeling better soon.

  10. Anonymous8:53 PM


    Maybe some lemonade ice blocks for Dante?



  11. Poor little boo! I hope he's better soon.

  12. Hope Dante had a good night and he is feeling better. Poor little fellow.


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