Saturday, July 05, 2014


I slept in a bit .... 

Dante continues to make small steps towards being all better, but it will take a few more days for him to be back to 'normal'.
Lots of little sips of drinks today, and small bites of whatever we can entice him to eat.

I am going to take a photo of the Fern Quilt on our spare Queen size bed later today... but I'm not going to show you the finished quilt until I've given it to Russell.

It will be on the blog tomorrow night.

Today, apart from trying to catch up on all the washing, I want to make two pillowcases to match Russell's quilt.
That shouldn't take too long.

Then I am going to make a few small mug rugs... they are so handy as gifts... and I've got NONE left!

After that, I shall get back to my Dresden Plate Quilt I think.

Sorry, but that's all I've got for now...


BLOODY HELL!  It never ends.  Dante has now come out in little spots!!!  So, he's going back to the Doctors at 11 this morning.
It's a really nasty day too... wet and miserable.

So.  The spots are part of the viral infection he's got. I hope he picks up soon.  The doctor said if he gets worse to take him back to hospital.  Yeah right.  

I'm onto sewing the pillowcases.  

Sitting there wondering WHY?  so many of my kids think they can speak to me in a disrespectful way?
All I have ever done is CARE and bend over backwards to help them.  Obviously I'm not supposed to.

I started Russell's Quilt on June 19th, so it took me 18 days from start to finish!  
I think that is the quickest I have ever made a Queen Sized quilt!  Not bad.

Stew cooked dinner, Shepard's Pie.  It was really nice.
My printer died on me.  Steve fixed it.  Yaaa!
I've tidied up my sewing room.  I like to do that after I've finished a big project, so it's all tidy and ready for the next one.

Tonight I'm going to work on a couple of mug rugs, then on Monday I am getting the Dresden Plate quilt out and I'm going to finish it.

End of Day:  a shitty day.  I've been grumpy all day.  I shall probably continue to be grumpy until ???  Dunno!  Just am.
nite nite


  1. Sorry havnt had chance to read your blog ths week so didnt know master Dante had been so sick poor wee man
    Glad it sounds like he is on the mend and as u say will still be chattering away non stop again soon

  2. Maria9:54 AM

    Do you think he could have measles? As there is an outbreak in Hamilton.

  3. Shit that not good about dante. Little spots

  4. I remember Paige having the spots come out after she'd been sick and it wasn't too serious but good luck. Hope it isn't anything sinister. What a revolting winter's day huh? Makes you want to snuggle inside. Travel safe tomorrow.

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Hope Dante get better soon sending lots of get well vibes from Richard ,Lucinda , Sophie and Mikayla xxx

  6. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Hope Dante get better soon sending lots of get well vibes from Richard ,Lucinda , Sophie and Mikayla xxx

  7. Good luck with Dante - it's always best to get them checked out :)

  8. Thinking of you guy's and Dante. I hope he recovers fully and quickly! xxxxx

  9. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Aye it wasn't me this time....

  10. Oh dear, poor Dante. None of your kids have the right to be rude or disrespectful - maybe you need to remind them of that.

  11. Anonymous1:37 PM

    They talk to you like that because you bend over backwards to help them but they should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves. Cranky

  12. Gosh fingers crossed it isn't measles or anything too nasty. Certainly not a nice way to start the holidays poor wee thing. I am washing and wouldn't you know as soon as I put on the sheets to wash it clouds over and is bitterly cold again grrrr. oh well I will keep on at it. Can't wait to see fern quilt.

  13. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Is it Hand Foot and Mouth? They can get spots, almost lesions on the inside of their mouth and throat which makes it exceptionally painful to eat or drink. And their is quite a bit going around. I do hope he feels better soon.


  14. Kids can be assholes. I hope Dante feels better soon this is quite the little bug!


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