Friday, April 04, 2014


Dante has started to climb.
Now while that can be really cute... it can also be quite dangerous.

We all know that a toddler has no concept of danger, heights etc eh.

That is why so many toddlers have accidents of course.

Dante's new 'feat'?

Climbing ONTO the kitchen bench!

ABOVE: He climbed up the back of the couch, onto the kitchen bench.
You just HAVE to watch the video, it's hilarious.  He was in fine form talking to all of us.

Clearly we shall have to keep an eagle eye on the little bugger!

Bex, Dante and Brylee are going to Playcentre this morning, so I shall have the house to myself. 

I'm going to sew.  Of course!


Well ... Bex feels like shit, so they are not going to Playcentre after all.

And I have decided to devote today to blog reading... well I will read/comment till I've had enough!

We had some heavy rain last night which was lovely, even thunder and lightening.  Today?  Back to clear skies and sunshine.  Lovely.

I need a break!  I've been reading and commenting on blogs for....5 hours!   I stopped for half an hour for lunch and did some vacuming too.

NOW.  I'm done.  I think I will get up, stretch me legs then do a little sewing before I have to stop and make dinner.

PLEASE... if I did NOT visit your blog let me know.  I have tried to catch up with every blog I follow on FEEDLY... but I know there are some that didn't get updated onto my Feedly list... in fact are NOT on Feedly at all, or are private blogs.

So, let me know please, because I would hate to think I'm upsetting anyone by not visiting their blog.  (blogs I usually follow, not just any random new one!)

Best laid plans and all that... I went downstairs to sew, and ended up doing something totally random.

And it turned out to produce something quite unexpected!
I will show you tomorrow.

End of Day:  well it's been a quiet evening.  I've spent about 2 hours going through all the blogs I have on me list, and deleting all inactive or deleted blogs.  It is sad when I realise how many bloggers have stopped blogging.
Many of them went over to Facebook and never looked back!   I 'do' Facebook so I can still keep up to date with my favourite bloggers/now Facebookers.
Right, bedtime.  I've spent way too much time in front of this computer.
nite nite


  1. That was the most adorable video of Dante. You can clearly see his personality........!!

  2. Your Dante is a STAR***************

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Omg lmao ( laugh my ass off) hahahaha....that was the cutiest funniest video I have seen in a while lol....I put it on, and miss Keera heard master Dante's voice and came climbing up onto the couch to watch her cuzzy.
    S*** that was Kewl...the whole hand thing so reminds me of Keera lol...when Dante started chatting away Keera started trying to talk to him thro my phone lol
    And then the kisses nd then a kiss for the camera lol precious
    Your gorgeous Master Dante love Auntie Lacy nd ya Cuzzy Keera xo

  4. What a precious boy! I loved him shaking his head "no" ...he sure told you!

  5. That was soooooooo cute. What a beautiful boy he is.

  6. I can see how much happiness he brings to the family home !!!!
    Have the best weekend.

  7. Love the video....................hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thanks loads for your lovely comment on my blog this morning. Dante is growing up so fast it seems. I am loving the skirt tales ;)

  9. That was so cute. He is so adorable.

  10. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE the video….

  11. Adorable video of Dante, just adorable Hope Bex feels better soon, have a nice weekend.... Club
    rugby starts this weekend yay I'm on the admissions gate.

  12. Oh so cute shaking his head but watch up with his hands OMG that is just so cute

  13. Oh he is too cute! - love it!

  14. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Dante is a cutie!!!!



  15. Dante is the cutest wee thing. You may not understand what he says by my Lord you know what he means :-).

  16. With dante around, you don't need tv. I have to confess i've watched the video a few times already.

  17. that video was so cute!!!

  18. What a cute little imp.

  19. Anonymous6:46 AM

    What a cute video. Dante is adorable.
    Marianne in Orlando, Florida


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